Jan. 31, 2023

What's happening and I need your help! [A quick update]

What's happening and I need your help! [A quick update]

I'm taking a minute today to share what I've been working on the last few weeks and to share an additional way to receive grace-filled physical, mental and spiritual health:

My YouTube channel

I'll share why I'm stepping into YouTube and what you can expect there:
- Movement Monday shorts
- Long form interviews on Tuesdays
- Five in Five on Thursdays (five of my takeaways from previous guests)
- General encouragement on Fridays

I need your help! Can you take a quick 4-question survey to share what you'd like to see in the upcoming year.

How you can help:

As a small business owner and independent podcaster, these little steps truly help me. Thank you in advance!

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