March 7, 2023

The food, nutrition and grace your mental health needs

The food, nutrition and grace your mental health needs

Counselor Ruth Opiyo joins to conversation to discuss the relationship between our mental health, the food we eat, and our faith. Ruth brings such gentleness and balance to this conversation, so please know this is not a list of rules, do’s or don’ts. She is an integrative medicine practitioner, so she combines her counseling expertise with nutritional food science.


  • The family’s influence in our relationship with food
  • Reconciling the American version of “healthy” in the late 90s vs. Ruth’s experience growing up in Kenya
  • Learning to live outside the extremes with food
  • How micronutrients such as Omega 3s, selenium, magnesium, vitamin D  help our mental health
  • Establishing a balanced mindset about eating foods that we know fuel us well but not idolizing it and how that plays into our mental health
  • Learning to give ourselves grace in the absence of perfection
  • The Biblical examples of enjoying food with others and using it to love others
  • Foods Ruth recommends to support our mental health
  • The benefit of taking the time of making our own food
  • The science of why we emotionally eat
  • Foods to avoid when we are struggling with our mental health

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