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Feb. 28, 2023

Create an all day fitness lifestyle using walking

Create an all day fitness lifestyle using walking
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If you’ve ever questioned if walking is fitness, then today’s episode is for you. I’m speaking with Dave Paul of the Walking is Fitness Podcast and his journey to what he calls an “all day fitness lifestyle.” 

I think you’ll really appreciate Dave’s mindset around the steps he takes, and I particularly liked how he said walking changed his spiritual life…but it may not be in ways you’d expect.

We discuss:

  • How Dave's running cooldown prompted him to walk more
  • Respecting the seasons we are in and recognizing what we are realistically able to do
  • The surprising spiritual growth Dave received when he began walking as his fitness
  • How tracking steps is helpful...but not at all costs

Connect with Dave:
Walking is Fitness Podcast
Instagram: @WalkingIsFitness

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Take control of your body and pelvic floor health - no more pee issues + more

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