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March 14, 2023

Considering a hysterectomy? Types, Reasons, Risks and Burning Questions Answered!

Considering a hysterectomy? Types, Reasons, Risks and Burning Questions Answered!
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I hear you! πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚

You want more episodes on women's health. Today and next week will not disappoint if you have a hysterectomy on your radar (or have recently had one).

Erika Rucker, who is a Physician's Assistant with the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center, is here to educate us on different types of hysterectomies, reasons for needing them, the impact on hormones and body composition, and what kinds of questions to discuss with your provider.

This is not a cancer-focused conversation at all, so if you've been wondering if a hysterectomy is right for you or your medical provider has suggested it, this is a must listen.

We discuss:

➑️ The reasons for needing a hysterectomy

➑️ The different types of hysterectomies

➑️ Hysterectomy's impacts on hormones and body composition

➑️ Nutritional recommendations

➑️ What is considered regular bleeding vs. something to discuss further with your provider

➑️ Getting a second opinion when we feel something isn't right

➑️ What kind of questions to ask your medical provider when deciding if a hysterectomy is right for you

➑️ Speaking with your provider about sexual dysfunction after hysterectomy

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