Nov. 8, 2022

These two common exercise moves aren't helping your pee issues. Here's why.

These two common exercise moves aren't helping your pee issues. Here's why.

I hope you have one of those friends who you can have uncomfortable conversations with. The ones who will tell you about squatty potties, constipation and when you tell them you change your mascara when your eyelashes feel like they want to be pulled out that they say, “that’s not normal.” I have a few friends with that kind of candor, and I’m thinking about one in particular (and by the way, yes that mascara guidance is straight from our conversations).

If you don’t, I have good news for you. My guests today, Jenn Lormand and Christina Walsh, otherwise known as the Tighten Your Tinkler girls are here to help us understand our nether regions once again. Jenn and Christina are the friends you want when you’re trying to figure out if peeing while sneezing or coughing is normal (PS no, it’s common but not normal) or how to pull an all-nighter. Oh and by "all-nighter" I mean go all night without using the restroom.

We dig into the two areas I learned to coach my clients and why they are wrong. Oops! I'm grateful to have Jenn and Christina teach me (and us) the latest exercise science.

We discuss

  • The consequences of a weak pelvic floor
  • Why you shouldn’t regularly pull your rib cage down to your hips (bracing)
  • ...or tuck (tuck your pelvis forward)
  • ...or do kegals
  • BUT when it’s appropriate to incorporate these 
  • The science behind how all the pelvic floor muscle works together
  • Why isometric contractions aren’t helpful to pelvic floor health
  • How moving in multiple directions can help strengthen your pelvic floor
  • How your pelvic floor impacts your posture
  • The impact of sitting on your pelvic floor
  • How important training your feet is with regard to balance and aging
  • The possible connection between plantar fasciitis and lack of pressing into our big toes

Episode discussed:
The surprising reason for your low back pain (not visible on an x-ray)

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