Aug. 4, 2022

SE4: EP2 Holding Too Much Tension in Your Menopausal Body? Shake It Off!

SE4: EP2 Holding Too Much Tension in Your Menopausal Body?  Shake It Off!

This week Clarissa is joined by Sylvia Tillmann. We are talking stress, and tension and how the tension-releasing trauma exercise TRE® can be a wonderful way to reduce the stress, pain and anxiety that many of us experience in perimenopause and menopause.

Sylvia is a certified TRE® practitioner, Reiki master and Laughter Yoga facilitator.

In our conversation, we talk about

  • The origins of tension-releasing trauma exercise TRE®
  • The importance of mind-body connections in healing trauma and relating stress and tension
  • How emotions are held in the body and the role of the psoas muscle
  • What TRE® is and the process involved in a session
  • My own experience of a TRE® session
  • Benefits of somatic practices and in particular TRE® for menopausal women
  • How somatic practices in combination with talk therapy can support you


You can learn more about Sylvia and her wonderful work by going to her website


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