Thriving Thru Menopause

Thriving Thru Menopause

Join menopause health coach and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Clarissa Kristjansson as she takes you on a journey to learn how to take control of your menopause symptoms holistically.

Every week, Clarissa covers topics from sleeping better to dealing with anxiety and improving relationships. She introduces you to a wide range of guests who bring their expertise, insights and practical tips to help you better manage menopause and its challenges. So you can thrive rather than survive this life stage.

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Thriving Thru Menopause

Recent Episodes

April 23, 2024

SE7: EP2 Dating in Menopause: Top Tips on How to Make it Awesome Instead of Awful

Dating during menopause can bring about its own set of challenges, but it's definitely doable and can even be enjoyable with the right mindset and approach. Dating coach Laurie Gerber joins host Clarissa to dive deep into…
April 16, 2024

SE7: EP1 Navigating Menopause with Mindfulness

Today's episode is a MUST listen. If you are navigating #menopause and experiencing stress, sleep disruption, brain fog and beating yourself up for all of it, then this is for you. Cara Bradley joins Clarissa on the podcast …
April 9, 2024

SE 6 Ep 25 The Power of Shadow Work During Menopause

In this episode, Clarissa interviews Junie Moon about shadow work and its importance in personal growth. They discuss the concept of the shadow, which refers to the parts of ourselves that we hide or disown. Junie explains …
April 2, 2024

SE 6: EP 24 Healthcare for Women in Menopause

Dr. Kat Brown discusses the role of Winona in providing accessible menopause care and the gap in healthcare for women's health. She highlights the lack of education on menopause in medical training and the challenges women f…
March 27, 2024

SE 6: EP 23 Can Homeopathy Help With Menopause Symptoms?

In this episode, Clarissa Kristjansson interviews Tehilla Aloni, a homeopath and founder of BioOrgonomy. They discuss the principles of homeopathy, including treating the person as a whole and using minimum doses. Tahila als…
March 20, 2024

SE 6: EP 22 The Importance of Corrective Exercise and Body Alignment for Ageing Audaciously

In this episode, host Clarissa interviews Tracy Seider, a corrective exercise specialist and body alignment coach, about the importance of alignment for menopausal women. Tracy shares her personal journey and explains how ou…