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Amazing content!

Clarissa has such a warm energy and innincredibleni yet viewing style. I learn something with every episode and I really appreciate her holistic approach!

For surgical, pre, and just menopause - every woman should listen

Brilliant host Clarissa covers a range of different subjects which are crucial for all of us to learn about. Thank you for all the work you are doing. An important subject that needs constant awareness!

A podcast every woman needs

Thank you Clarissa for creating this wonderful podcast to honor women at their later stage of life. Every woman will experience menopause at some point in their life. I feel that we need to share this information with all the women in our lives. I am a new subscriber. Can’t wait to learn more.

Dealing with ageing parents podcast

It was very encouraging and informative. It will be helpful for those living with parents who need more help in their old age and I know many who have parents with dementia now who are struggling.

Much needed.

Awesome episodes and is women need to hear it all about menopause.

Over 50

As someone who is over 50 I truly appreciate this.

Love this podcast. Great show

So informative and helpful especially being a woman about to go through menopause in 5-10 years!. Bri

Insightful Podcast

I'm enjoying Clarissa's podcast, full of information and inspiration to help navigate menopause. It's no easy task and I love her insights to help propel us forward. Above all, she reminds me that I'm not alone in navigating my menopausal journey. Real empowerment here, I highly recommend her podcast!

Surviving, Thriving, Celebrating Menopause

Listening to this podcast is like sitting in a circle with your best friends, and talking about all the changes that we are experiencing, then giving us ideas to address them. Hearing the advice from the experts Clarissa has brought together, is like getting a big hug from a friend, you're gonna get through gal.

Great tips!

I’m so happy I found this resource! Very helpful.

Amazing insights

Thank you for the gift of this podcast. So many takeaways!!

Appreciate You

Thankful to have found this podcast. Informative, honest, open and great tips.

Sooo helpful!

So grateful that Clarissa is offering these insights to the world! It’s a topic that doesn’t get enough airtime, but is wildly important. Deeply grateful for this podcast and her work 💜

Menopause 😔

Thank you for your insight!

Love this podcast.

So informative. B

Very refreshing

I love this podcast. It is light, refreshing, open, fun and full of great tips. Every new episode provides positive and uplifting information that anyone can apply right away.

Highly Valuable

Thank you, Clarissa, for focusing on this very important topic and season in a woman's life. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder at eight years old and my anxiety sky-rocketed during peri-menopause and menopause. I know your podcast would have been such big help to me then. The comprehensiveness of what you share in your episodes is impressive.

Highly recommend!

I love this podcast. Clarissa is open, engaging, and honest. These conversations are so important, and I’m so grateful to have found this podcast. Highly recommend for women of all ages!


I’m so glad I found this podcast. Clarissa give some of the best advice on menopause that I’ve found.

thriving thru menopause

great show - informative, good interviewer. goes deeper than the usual conversation about this topic.

A True Healer

You can rely on Clarissa to provide wise advice, great conversation, and calming perspective on the ups and downs of midlife. Supporting women as they transition into menopause and beyond is truly her mission and passion and we all get to benefit from having her expertise and kind support!

Wealth of information

So many topics and so much to learn! I love this podcast because Clarissa is able to cover a variety of incredibly interesting topics while making you feel like you’re having coffee with her. I love taking this podcast on walks with me.

Helpful! Relatable! Love this Podcast!

Thanks to amazing interviewer Clarissa: so thoughtful with her questions and insights! Definitely a must-listen for women of all ages!

If you are a woman (or know one) you will want to listen

For most women Menopause is one of the defining transitions of our lives, and yet we know so little. Clarissa offers many varied perspectives and much needed wisdom and information to support women to not just “get thru this” but to thrive thru it. Highly recommend if you are moving towards peri menopause, in peri menopause, in menopause, moving out of menopause or in relationship with someone in any of these categories... which means if you are an adult you will benefit by dropping by for an episode.

Great experience

As with so much of life, if we cover all bases, we get a complete picture. I had such a wonderful time discussing a few menopause issues with Klarissa. Our conversation was so easy and joyful. Thank you. I can’t wait to have you on my show.

Great podcast

Wow, this podcast is amazing! So informative and makes you feel comfortable and safe. Great podcast with lots of great information, if you haven’t listened to it yet, give it a try!

Thriving thru Menopause

Just listened to the episode with Dr. Ivery. Whoa she is impressive. THank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

So needed!

Clarissa shares much needed and valuable information that all women need before, during, and after menopause. She is an engaging host and opens the conversation in an area of vital need.

Great podcast!

Fabulous tips for us midlife women!

Ahhhh - amazing resource

Clarissa has a wonderful way about her as a podcast host and authentic leader. She takes the listener on a journey and brings forward tips and resources that support the listener in having a little breathing space while navigating mid-life and all that comes with it.