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Jan. 5, 2021

The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Osteoporosis

The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Osteoporosis I find that people tend to go to extremes when faced with low bone density and fracture risk. We either ignore it, making no changes and hoping for the best, or we go all in and start to do everything we read…

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Jan. 5, 2021

Pilates Teachers - Are You Comfortable Working with Brand New Clients Online?

Pilates Teachers - Are You Comfortable Working with Brand New Clients Online? Look, working with brand new clients in a brick & mortar studio could be nerve-wracking, but online is a whole differet situation. No apparatus to guide you, no hands on, and clients who are often in pain, with…

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Dec. 30, 2020

Muscle Strength

While muscle strength is always important, it is even more important for women over 50. Here I explain why strength training important, why women shouldn't worry about lifting heavy, and what muscles actually do for us (and yes, muscle strength can help build bone strength). I will be guiding 12…

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Dec. 30, 2020

Teaching Pilates to Clients with Stenosis

Pilates Teachers, some tips for teaching clients with stenosis, an age-related narrowing of the spinal canal. Do you feel completely confident teaching clients with lower back pain in studio and on Zoom? Are you comfortable working with disc herniations, stenosis, SI dysfunction, and other common causes of lower back pain?…

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Dec. 30, 2020


If you are a woman with low bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis), you may have questions about what exercises are safe and effective, and how to modify your existing exercise program. If you do Pilates, modifications are necessary to avoid thoracic vertebrae crush fractures and other problems. In this video,…

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Nov. 14, 2020

Ladies - Feeling & Functioning Better Is So Important, Especially Now

I realized today that I really am handling pandemic isolation well, and that continually working on feeling and functioning better physically & mentally are a big piece of that. We are all stressing more, sitting more, and using devices more, which can be a recipe for pain and exhaustion. But…

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Nov. 13, 2020

Pilates Teachers - It's Time To Commit to Your Online Success

If you teach Pilates and are committedd to increasing your impact and your income, it's time to commit to your online success. What if, instead of dreading another round of studio closures, you instead looked forward to serving your clients, and new clients, online? I promise you that you can…

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Oct. 15, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Have you thought about your legacy?

Pilates Teachers - Have you thought about your legacy? Seriously, have you? Do you know what mark you would like to leave in this world? Or why you are building a business? Would you like to ultimately build a huge brand? Sell your business? Pass it on to your staff…

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Oct. 8, 2020

Pilates Teachers - When Was the Last Time You Raised Your Prices?

Pilates Teachers - When Was the Last Time You Raised Your Prices? Seriously, when? If you don't remember, if you never have, or if you lowered your prices during the pandemic, it's time to put them up! I am willing to bet that most of your clients are still working…

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Oct. 7, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Pilates Teachers - Who Is Your Ideal Client? There is a great marketing adage - If you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Look, when a client looks for a Pilates teacher, they have an idea of what they need or want. They have back pain, or are…

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Oct. 2, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Let's Talk About Results and Promises

Pilates Teachers - Let's Talk About Results and Promises Pilates teachers often find ourselves in a position to make promises to clients about the results we can help them achieve. For your clients, a successful outcome means that you helped them achieve their goals fastre and easier than they would…

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Oct. 1, 2020

When Pilates Teachers Give Medical Advice

When Pilates Teachers Give Medical Advice I see Pilates Teachers giving out medical advice all the time online, and it's just not OK. While there are some teachers who are actually licensed medical professionals, most of us aren't, and should stay in our lane. If you enjoy my content, please…

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Sept. 30, 2020

More on The Myth of Neutral Spine

More on The Myth of Neutral Spine I keep seeing the phrase "Neutral Spine" used by Pilates teachers and Fitness trainers. If you use this phrase, are you clear about what you mean, and what your clients should understand? If you're not, why use it? If you enjoy my content,…

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Sept. 28, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Are You Attracting Clients You Love?

Pilates Teachers - Are You Attracting Clients You Love? From what I can see in the Pilates teacher groups I am in, many Pilates teachers are attracting clients you would rather not teach. How does that happen? This usually happens because you are speaking to everyone in your marketing (and…

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Sept. 23, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Stop Judging Your Clients!

I have been hearing a lot online lately about Pilates teachers not being happy with the clients who show up for them. If you are a Pilates teacher and have not clearly defined your niche or your ideal client, then you are in fact open to sere any and all…

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Sept. 20, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Stop Performing and Start Serving

When I look at what many Pilates teachers post on social media, it's no wonder you don't see any return on investment of time and energy. You see, potential clients don't care so much about how well you can perform Pilates exercises. They do care about how well you can…

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Sept. 18, 2020

Pilates Teachers - It's Not About You

We Pilates teachers tend to talk about ourselves a lot, and put out a lot of performances online. What if, instead of focusing on ourselves, we focused on our clients? What does your client want to know? I bet it has little to do with you gorgeous Teaser, Snake/Twist, or…

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Sept. 17, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Serving vs. Selling

Today I unpack something that seems to confuse many Pilates teachers (as well as folks in other professions) - the difference between Serving and Selling. I recently had some Zoom sessions with people who were in my free Pilates Profit Lab Workshop a few weeks ago, and they all commented…

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Sept. 16, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Why You Need to Be On Live Video

So many of my Pilates Teacher Mastermind clients are terrified of live video. I find it interesting, since we spend a lot of our time talking to strangers when we teach Pilates. We teach new clients, groups, and workshops, which often contain people we don't know. But somehow teaching on…

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Sept. 15, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Are You Putting False Barriers Between You and Your Clients?

I assume that if you follow my posts and you teach Pilates, you are looking to expand your business, get more clients, and make more money doing this life-changing work. And, if you are like most Pilates teachers I see online, you are unknowingly placing barriers between you and your…

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Sept. 14, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Niching Down (with examples)

It is so important for Pilates teachers to really niche down into a target market. It helps you connect with your people online, talk to them effectively, and help solve their problems. Niching down also makes us more valuable, and can make our work more effective and interesting on multiple…

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Aug. 21, 2020

Pilates Teachers - The Truth About Working On Your Business

I have a confession. I avoided working on my Pilates business for decades. I thought I could just work in my business, and it would grow. But I was wrong. The truth is, working on your business is hard. It requires skills we never learned in our teacher training. But,…

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Aug. 20, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Let's Talk the Dirty Words - Marketing and Sales

Somehow, every Pilates teacher I talk to says that they hate Marketing and Sales. Now, if you plan to profit in your business, this attitude is just plain wrong, and will cost you money! If you have even had a conversation with a person about what you do and how…

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Aug. 18, 2020

Pilates Teachers - Pricing Your Pilates Services

So many Pilates Teachers price their services on a whim. Seriously, I see people chargiing what other suggest in Facebook groups, or just trying to undercut the market around them If you ever want to make enough money in your Pilates business to cover your expenses and even save money…

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