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The Pilates Goddess Podcast

The Pilates Goddess Podcast

Join Pilates Goddess & Master Teacher Lynda Lippin for this fun and informative podcast. Enjoy a mix of solo episodes, plus interviews with thought leaders in Pilates, Fitness, Business, Women's Health, Stress Management, and Chronic Pain. Whether you need help running a Pilates business and teaching special populations, or you want to learn more about Pilates, fitness, health, and how it all works together, you're in the right place!

Recent Episodes

June 13, 2024

125. Easy Pilates Progressions

Progressing clients (or ourselves) is one of the juiciest topics in Pilates! I've simplified this, and I hope you can use this way of organizing the work. Private Podcast - https://ko-fi.com/pilatesgoddess Find me: Website -…
May 28, 2024

123. Pilates Is Always Whole Body

Many Pilates studios are starting to offer part-specific workouts (Leg Day, Arms, etc.). It's still possible to teach a full body Pilates workout with a part-specific focus, mostly using cues. Enjoy! Private Podcast - https:…
May 24, 2024

122. Clarity In Pilates Cues

If you're a Pilates teacher struggling with cues, welcome! You're in the right place. Today you'll learn about TWO best ways to cue and why they work well. The Myth of Neutral Spine - https://www.buzzsprout.com/2024817/11033…
May 2, 2024

121. For Experienced Pilates Teachers

Are you bored teaching? Not feeling the work in your own body? Getting annoyed with your clients? Let's talk about how taking Pilates back to basics can invigorate your body and your teaching! Workshop link - https://app.ac…
April 30, 2024

120. For New Pilates Teachers

Let's talk teaching Pilates and how to make it easier for you and more fun for your clients. Take Pilates back to basics! Workshop link - https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=14156973&appointmentType=category:…