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My FAVORITE podcast!
OMG, I LOVE this podcast, Linda speaks Truth and I’m here for it! We need more like you in our Pilates community!

Love Pilates Goddess podcast
No nonsense. Great tips on how to be a more aware and better pilates teacher. Assorted podcasts with experts in the movement industry.

You’re right, I’m not too old for pilates!
I have been listening to your podcast religiously since I found it by chance just searching for more information about pilates in general. You really inspired me and as a result I am now enrolled in a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program-I can’t thank you enough!

Have Conversations With Your Colleagues
I’ve been a Pilates Teacher for over 34 years. These days, I do a lot of teaching over Zoom, which I like, but I do miss the pleasure of talking and interacting with my colleagues, and the interesting conversations that arise between professional Pilates & Movement Teachers. Listening to Lynda Lippin on Tuesdays & Thursdays is filling that gap. Lynda discusses interesting topics and I appreciate that she has a style that is unifying rather than dividing and is welcoming to teachers from many different paths. I look forward to these podcasts and I encourage you to listen to them as well!

Wonderful & In-Depth
I love this podcast! Appropriate for both teachers and practitioners. Her information is insightful and science-based. Nice chunks to think about but not too long that it gets lost within a ton of dialogue. I really appreciate Lynda and all her knowledge and experience!

I love the fact that Lynda’s conversations are just that, unrehearsed, and as they happen. All sides encouraged to speak their truth.

True education
Lynda is able to explain complex ideas so everyone can benefit

The State of Pilates
Thank you for such a straightforward and honest approach about where Pilates is today. You gave us a brief history and examples leading up to what is happening right now. Great job.

Thank you for teaching great Pilates
Lynda is a great teacher with great stories and years of experience. Gentle, expert, informative, articulate, and fun to listen to. Thank you Lynda for being the Pilates Goddess- you are!