Jan. 25, 2024

036. Moving With Grace with Amy Connell

036. Moving With Grace with Amy Connell

We're thrilled to introduce our friend and guest, Amy Connell - a certified personal trainer who wants you to take a rest day and nutrition coach who wants you to enjoy dessert. Amy joins us for an enlightening conversation as we look at how to move with the grace of both the body and the spirit, learning to trust in our paths, and empowering ourselves in this season of life. 

All Things Amy and Graced Health!

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P.S. Hey moms out there, sneak a pod-listen suggestion to your daughters: Amy’s newest podcast for teen girls, “Lessons To My Teenage Self.”  


Snippet from the Show:   

The Importance of Sleep for Health: "It impacts our mental health. It impacts our physical health, it impacts our mental clarity, which will help have that ripple effect into the decisions that we make." ~ Amy Connell

We Want to Know! How can adopting a positive mindset about aging and having confidence in your path affect your overall health and wellness?

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