Feb. 1, 2024

037. "...As Heaven Intended" with Amanda Lauer


Who says you can't know and grow in your faith while reading Young Adult Fiction? It might be just as heaven intended!

In this episode, we dive into the vibrant world of Young Adult (YA) historical fiction with the wonderfully talented Amanda Lauer, author of the award winning "...As Heaven Intended" Civil War era novels.

You'll love Amanda's joy and positivity as she recounts her journey bringing teens and young adults good fiction with characters whose everyday faith guides them! SNIPPET FROM THE SHOW: "... the one thing all my characters are striving to do, and this is kind of a Matthew Kelly thing, is to be a better version of themselves." - Amanda Lauer

FOR MORE INFO: Find out more about Amanda's books, including her Time Travel novels series at https://amandalauer.com/

Heaven Intended Civil War Series:

·  A World Such as Heaven Intended

·  A Life Such as Heaven Intended

·  A Love Such as Heaven Intended

·  A Freedom Such as Heaven Intended

·  A Faith Such as Heaven Intended

Time travel books:

·  Anything But Groovy

·  Royal & Ancient

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