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April 11, 2024

047. Encountering Faith with Allison Gingras

047. Encountering Faith with Allison Gingras

In this episode, we're honored to welcome a very special guest, Allison Gingras, who brings a wealth of experience and insights from her own faith journey, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of prayer and presence with God.

Lisa and Shelly share bits of our own spiritual experiences, discussing how simple practices like praying the rosary have left indelible marks on our family legacies and influenced our understanding of God's profound love. We explore the beauty of tradition and the significance of visual symbols and activities.

Throughout this candid conversation, Allison enlightens us about her favorite saint, Venerable Patrick Payton, and how his advocacy for family prayer can still echo in our lives today. We also touch on the use of sacramentals and the incredible way in which our journey of faith is intertwined with the global church.

So settle in and join us for a heartfelt discussion on the continuous learning, embracing traditional practices, and the importance of good Christian Women friendships.

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