Of Sound Mind and Spirit

Lisa and Shelly are two sisters on a journey to grow stronger in faith discussing why faith is important and how to live it out in areas of parenting, community, service, mid-life, and marriage.

Recent Episodes

018. Secrets to a Lasting Marriage

Sept. 21, 2023

Let’s face it, being married is hard! Join us as two couples married over 55 years share their secrets for a long, lasting marriage. Thanks to our parents & Lisa’s in-laws, for being such great role models! Also, Congratulat…

017. Spreading God's Love on Social Media

Sept. 14, 2023

Consider what kind of impact we could have if each of us made an effort to live our Christian calling amidst the negativity and ugliness found on Social Media? In this episode, we offer three ways you can spread God’s love o…

016. Following Mary to Jesus

Sept. 7, 2023

Join us as we talk about a holy mother who inspires us: Mary, the mother of Jesus. While we both honor her (not worship), we hold different perspectives on how we relate to Mary and her significance in our spiritual journey!…

015. Living Your Vocation of Holiness

Aug. 31, 2023

Did you know that YOU have a vocation – or calling – to be holy! In this episode we explore the profound idea that each of us has a purpose and a mission, and how we can find fulfillment and holiness in the ordinary aspects …

014. St. Monica: A Best Friend for Worried Parents

Aug. 24, 2023

All moms desire for their children to know and love God. With belief in God on the decline, we worry that our teenage and adult children will pull away from their faith. What’s a mother to do? In this episode, we look at les…

013. Time to Start a New Habit

Aug. 17, 2023

It’s mid-August and our kids are going back to school! What a great time to create new schedules and build new habits! In today’s episode we’ll talk about the importance of routine, and offer questions to ask before starting…