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Feb. 8, 2024

038. Rethinking Social Media for Lent

038. Rethinking Social Media for Lent

Lisa and Shelly invite you to reconsider social media as a medium to spread the Gospel and manifest the love of God this Lent.

In Episode 38, aptly named "Rethinking Social Media for Lent," we’re challenging the conventional notion of giving up social media for Lent.  Let's instead use these powerful platforms to share positivity, deepen our faith, and become torchbearers of God’s radiant love.

We delve into practical ways to be purposeful with our online presence, turning our feeds into streams of encouragement, hope, and joy. 


Taking a Social Media Break for Lent: “Here’s how you can do your Lenten challenge while giving up social media, which I'm not advocating, but if you need to… Pray for everyone on your list, pray for your Facebook friends, pray for your Instagram friends, Twitter, etc. No need to go on the platform, just pray for all those you regularly engage with on it." ~ Lisa Jones


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Can you share ways in which social media has allowed you to evangelize or spread God's love effectively?

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