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June 20, 2024

057. Feeling Stuck? Maybe You Need a Life Coach!

057. Feeling Stuck? Maybe You Need a Life Coach!

Are you feeling stuck or in need of direction? Maybe you need a Life Coach!

What is a life coach? How does it differ from spiritual direction? How do you find a life coach? What does a life coaching session look like?

In this episode, Certified Life Coach, Marge Steinhage Fenelon answers all our questions – as she shares her expertise on getting unstuck, setting goals, and finding possibilities in life.

SNIPPET FROM THE SHOW: "I love the way you describe that, Marge, as helping you to get unstuck, because I think a lot of women, and I'll say our age, Lisa and I, you know, we're in the transition of life, and we get stuck, and we don't know where to go next." - Shelly "...Life coaching is most definitely self care, and it's something that we should grow and learn and take care of ourselves so that we can do what we're called to do." - Lisa

The Impact of Life Coaching: "The fact that they entrust to me their dreams and goals is just phenomenal. And I just love seeing when a client gets to that goal or the light bulb goes on and they see something that they had never seen before, and you just see their face light up, and you just know they have just. They got it and they're ready to move on." - Marge Fenelon




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