Sept. 21, 2023

018. Secrets to a Lasting Marriage

018. Secrets to a Lasting Marriage

Let’s face it, being married is hard! Join us as two couples married over 55 years share their secrets for a long, lasting marriage. Thanks to our parents & Lisa’s in-laws, for being such great role models! Also, Congratulations to Lisa & her husband for reaching their Silver Wedding Anniversary this week!

Snippet from the Show:

  • “Everyone thinks marriage is, “Oh they lived happily ever after,” but that’s not the way life works. In life you always have challenges….” “So the next time you get into an argument with your husband, remember Dad saying, ‘It takes two to tango’.” – Shelly
  • “I know early on in my marriage, I made the mistake of complaining, like, when my husband possibly did something wrong. (If my mother in law is listening, he never does anything wrong.) But just in case he had -hypothetically- and I – hypothetically - complained to our father about it, Dad would definitely – definitely – give me that advice.” - Lisa
  • “Mom and Dad are really special people. We don’t give them enough credit – no matter how much we give them. It’s really not enough to tell them thank you for everything that they’ve done and how they’ve raised us to see the world and reason and think.” – Shelly

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