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May 23, 2024

053. What is Spiritual Direction? - with Deanna Bartalini

053. What is Spiritual Direction? - with Deanna Bartalini

Ever feel hesitant to start something new in your spiritual journey? You're not alone! Join us as we dive deep into the transformative experience of spiritual direction with our guest, Certified Spiritual Director Deanna Bartalini.

In this episode, Deanna shares her rich experience and practical advice on:

  • The Role of a Spiritual Director
  • Overcoming common challenges in prayer and finding stillness
  • Understanding what to expect from spiritual direction sessions
  • Practical advice on choosing the right spiritual director

Feeling eager to start but unsure where to begin? Deanna has the guidance you need!

SNIPPET FROM THE SHOW: "But my purpose is to listen, to make connections, and to ask questions, to help people figure out what God wants from them." - Deanna Bartalini

"Sometimes people come to me, and they've never prayed with scripture, and when I ask them, how often are you quiet during prayer time? It's like, what? What do you mean, quiet? I have to talk to God. Yes, but when do you listen to him?" - Deanna Bartalini


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