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Dec. 21, 2023

031. Who Are You in the Christmas Story?

031. Who Are You in the Christmas Story?

It's almost Christmas! In this episode, we reflect on the Christmas Story and invite you to imagine yourself in that story, to picture yourself watching as a participant. Who would you be? How does encountering God in the manger change you and how you live your life?

SNIPPET FROM THE SHOW: "But if you don't see the angel, if you don't hear the call, if you don't go and kneel at the manger and marvel in this God on high, come to earth in the tiniest infant, how can you have that hope? How can you have that thrill? And we all want that. We want to know God's love. We don't want to stay in the darkness. We want to be brought into the light."

We want to know: Who are YOU in the Christmas Story and how will you respond?

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