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May 30, 2024

054. Shrines, Saints, and Summer Break!

054. Shrines, Saints, and Summer Break!

Shrines, Saints, and Summer Break! For our first anniversary of the podcast - and the beginning of summer break - we're highlighting one of our earlier episodes.


Summer vacation doesn’t mean you take a break from your faith! No matter where your family travels, you can still find opportunities to connect with and grow in your faith on the road.

Snippet from the Show: “…what we’re doing is considered a pilgrimage. I never thought of just visiting a church as a pilgrimage before.” - Shelly

 The Spiritual Significance of Historical Sites: "I just sat there and looked and thought, how much did they love you, God, that they built this amazing church? Because everywhere I looked, I felt love for Christ." - Lisa

Places Mentioned:

If this topic makes you curious about other pilgrimage sites in the US – we invite you to check out these two books:

“…truly nothing happens by accident or luck, but everything by God’s wise providence.”  St. Juliana Norwich (Revelations of Divine Love, 1393)

We want to know! Where’s a sacred place you’ve been? Or someplace you’ve always wanted to go? 

We'd love to hear from you!

PS: For a special treat, visit the Kakawa Chocolate Shop (Santa Fe, TX) – yeah, we know it’s not a sacred site but you’ll enjoy this stop!

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