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April 18, 2024

048. Reconnecting with Family During Grief

048. Reconnecting with Family During Grief

We recently said goodbye to a beloved aunt and are reminded of the cycle of life and death that touches every family. In this episode we discuss the importance of family bonds, the evolving roles we play as we step into the shoes of those who came before us, and the surprising lessons that grief teaches us about reconnecting with our loved ones.

**Highlights from the Episode:**

- **The 'End of An Era':** The passing of elders, who were central to our childhood, heralds a shift in family dynamics and a poignant reminder of time's swift progression.

- **Step Up, Step Forward:** With the loss of a generation, Lisa and Shelly reflect on the 'passing of the torch' to their generation, a call to become the new guiding force within the family.

- **Gratitude Amidst Sorrow:** Despite the sadness that accompanies loss, there's profound gratitude for the time spent with those who lived full lives.

Snipped From the Show: "...we're celebrating a life, we're honoring a beloved family member, and in that, what do we take away? And part of this, I would say [is] rededication on my part to wanting to be close to cousins and family." - Lisa

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