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Dec. 13, 2022

"No days off" no more! Why recovery days are imperative.

Do you schedule active recovery days? What are your feelings toward active recovery? I admit, they used to feel like a waste of time. Now, they are often my favorite part of the week.

Today I’m speaking with physical therapist Dr. Tugg Kargbo.

We discuss

  • What is defined as recovery
  • The difference between active and passive recovery
  • What happens when we ignore the body’s signals
  • The power of planning recovery in your workouts and plans
  • How to property plan for recovery
  • Different tools and toys we can use
  • Why too much icing and cold therapy may not be what you need
  • The importance of knowing your goals and creating an off-season for yourself

Check out the website show notes for links to tools discussed.

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