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Nov. 29, 2022

A curious conversation about sober living and its joyful benefits

A curious conversation about sober living and its joyful benefits

This podcast centers around physical, mental, and spiritual health. And if you've listened to more than a few episode, I’m sure you’ve also figured out the veins from these foundational pillars spread wide.

Today’s conversation with Lori Massicot with the To 50 and Beyond Podcast is one of those that may seem on the periphery, but I think it’s an important one when we consider our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Lori and I discuss sober living, specifically as it relates to women our age in this midlife stage.

We discuss

  • What’s right for you
  • What kind of story are we creating around alcohol
  • How to navigate friendships that once involved alcohol if you take it out
  • How Lori and her husband changed their habits when she dropped alcohol
  • Creating rituals between work and home without popping the cork
  • The power of finding something to look forward to
  • Guidance on how to “take the edge off” without alcohol
  • Learning how to ask what we need

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