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June 18, 2022

Marketing Attribution with Catalina's Stacey Hawes

Marketing Attribution with Catalina's Stacey Hawes
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Stacey Hawes, Chief Revenue Officer at Catalina, a leader in shopper intelligence and highly targeted in-store, TV, radio, podcast and digital media that personalizes the shopper journey. 

This episode is sponsored by Catalina.

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Stacey answers these questions:

1) Take us through your career journey from double click to Catalina. What prompted you to come here to Catalina? Why data & analytics?
2) Catalina is best known for its heritage coupon print machines attached to registers in retail stores. How has your business been evolving, particularly over the last several years, into a shopper intelligence platform?
3) Let’s decompose the mission statement. My memory serves devices in store offering coupons for repeat trips to the store.ent of Catalina - Using real-time intelligence and rapid responsiveness, we deliver personalized CPG marketing to decode shopper behavior and maximize consumer relationships. All at unparalleled scale. Give us the scoop on what this means to brands, why is Catalina a leader in this? We will decompose each of the 4 segments of your offerings later (find, activate, understand and measure).
4) Let’s now discuss FIND. What are your capabilities in helping brands find their desired audience? What’s required from a client to achieve this objective? Why are you best qualified to help a brand find their right audience for engagement?
5) If we find the right audience, we still have to understand your audience to drive the right activation. How do you help brands understand different audiences? Why do so many brands struggle with this? 
6) Back to activation - now that we have decomposed find and understand how you efficiently target consumers, what’s Catalina’s role in activation? How do you help shape messaging? Can there ever be a precision optimized message? 
7) How does Catalina help convert a lower funnel purchaser to a fan? What’s the follow up provided?
8) Finally metrics - what do you provide to measure success? What’s short term, real time and how are programs optimized?

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Stacey Hawes Profile Photo

Stacey Hawes

Chief Revenue Officer - Catalina

Award winning executive with over 25 years experience. Accomplished President and Chief Revenue Officer with P&L experience. Go-to-market, client-focused, transformational leader with experience leading large cross-functional teams including Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Analytics, Operations and Delivery. Recently helped Epsilon sell to Publicis Groupe for $4.4B.

Passionate, results-oriented, dynamic leader with extensive experience driving growth by leading large scale, high performing teams. Expertise in go-to-market strategy and expansion, new product development, strategic planning and execution. Excel at managing large sales, account management, and operations teams in the US and internationally.

As President, Epsilon Data Practice led the digital transformation of the business and drove revenue to record growth. Recognized for the ability to develop data-driven solutions for mid-sized to Fortune 500 brands.

Possess outstanding communication skills along with integrity, intelligence, enthusiasm, business savvy and grit. Known for servant leadership, inclusive and inspirational leadership style. Accomplished public speaker in the MarTech/AdTech space and well-recognized in the industry:

Business Insider Top 20 Executives Shaping the Future of Marketing Technology 2020
HERoes Top 100 Role Models Women Executives 2019
Financial Times Global Female Champion of Women in Business 2018
Advertising Age Woman to Watch 2017
Taylor Institute Direct Marketer of the Year 2017
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