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June 3, 2023

Sports Marketing to Advancing Women with NextUp's Lisa Baird

Sports Marketing to Advancing Women with NextUp's Lisa Baird
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Lisa Baird, the newly appointed CEO of NextUp, formerly known as Network of Executive Women.

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Lisa answers these questions:

Lisa, your career has some elite brands in your background but you are clearly the marketing queen.Take us through the years at NFL, USOC, IBM, GM, P&G - wow wow, and now as CEO of NextUp. What advice would you give to someone early in their career in this space seeking to follow in your footsteps from marketing to advancing equality?
2) What does equality mean to you and why NextUp? What is special with NextUp?
3) Male allyship - it could remain simply a word with no next steps or outcomes. How do we prevent that - what is real male allyship?
4) Take us through the education series at NextUp and all the event programming - what can a member expect all year?
5) What traditional challenges have you seen over the years in your own career growth in marketing to leadership positions that inspire you and led to you to lead this causet?
6) I already know you will be a trailblazer here. What are your year 1 goals and are you setting a 3 year strategy? How will you measure success?
7) Let’s go to talent. No organization can be successful without the right leaders? What makes a good leader - what is their DNA? How do they connect with members and lead this cause?
8) What's next for you and NextUp? What is the call to action for our audience?

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Lisa Baird Profile Photo

Lisa Baird

CEO & President - NextUp

Lisa Baird is an experienced CEO who has managed global teams, signed multi-million dollar sponsorships, and elevated the profiles of some of the world’s most iconic brands including Team USA, the NFL, the National Women’s Soccer League, New York Public Radio, and the blue-chip brands of IBM, P&G and GM. Lisa serves on the board of technology provider Cantaloupe, Inc., and is a past board member of Fox Racing, GK Elite, the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the Women’s Sports Foundation. She received her BA and MBA from Pennsylvania State University. Lisa’s record of leadership, mentoring other executives, her experiences as a female leader in multiple industries, and her ability to persevere and overcome adversity, made her a stand-out choice for NextUp’s CEO.