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May 29, 2021

Connected Sampling with Brandshare's Doug Guyer

Connected Sampling with Brandshare's Doug Guyer

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Doug Guyer, Co-Founder & Director of Strategic Development at Brandshare, the leader in Connected Sampling that creates omnichannel brand experiences to accelerate purchase conversion. Through curated subscription boxes, loyalty programs and e-commerce sampling with digital connectivity, they can engage millions of consumers monthly – connecting brands to their target consumers.

This is the first in a 3 part series with Brandshare.

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Doug answer these questions: 

  1. Please share for your audience your journey from Boston College to Brandshare. What need or white space in the industry did you see?
  2. Brandshare’s primary business is brand sampling. Is sampling still driving the same value for brands today given shopping is rapidly shifting online - why is this the case? What is the distinct advantage of being in sampling - for a brand? Why would a brand scaled at retail distribution points want to do sampling? Does this have to do with how innovation is discovered these days.
  3. How does brandshare provide an experience for brands? Take us through the details of what's offered and what brands can expect in a partnership? Do you share insights/data or analytics?
  4. Tell us about the end to end client experience of working with brandshare. Once a brand decides to work with brandshare what happens next? How long does it take to fully implement? What are the major distribution endpoints I should expect to leverage through your platform? Is the sampling DTC and how is it ‘connected’.
  5. How often can brands do this? Is it a subscription model participation? Weekly, monthly? Is it different by category? What is your advice based on category?  
  6. What consumer segments can a brand client target for connected sampling? How do QR codes play into the conversational commerce experience?  How does a brand know this will result in a well orchestrated ecosystem for eventual scale?
  7. Tell us about all your other services - we know you are in performance media, shopper audience measurement, conversational commerce or even part of retail media networks.
  8. What is your compelling proposition of why brandshare is right for brands of all sizes? What message would you like to leave with our audience?

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