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Sri and Team Are Changing The Corporate Game

So much corporate information has been not available to the outside world unless you were on the inside. This podcast is bringing info to the masses about careers and challenges in the CPG and retail space to elevate everyone access to knowledge. I love what The CPG Guys are doing!!

Entertaining, insightful, and actionable!

If you’re looking to stay informed on the latest in an ever-evolving CPG landscape, you’ve come to the right place! Engaging conversations, actionable tips, and insights into the industry abound - I truly cannot recommend The CPG Guys enough! 🔥

Get Jason Lobel on the show

Great show! Would love to hear more on actionable insights!

Essential for CPG Leaders Today

Like an investment broker would watch CNBC, so should anyone in CPG listen to Sri and Peter in this podcast. They really cover all the essentials you need to succeed today with leaders that are actually paving the path today. It covers off on Omni Channel, e-commerce, and just about everything in-between. Would love to hear more about brand building from a marketers standpoint given the recent privacy changes that are going to shift media.

Great insights and content

Sri and Peter provide top notch insights for CPG leaders. They are able to help simplify complex business issues.

Great content and hosts!

One of the more informative, light hearted and engaging podcast out there! Highly recommend

Best podcast for anyone in e-commerce TPG

Must listen to podcast for anyone in the consumer products good industry. Is there an easy way to get transcripts of the podcast?

Must-listen for ecommerce and retail professionals

Sri and Peter are individually two bastions of retail know-how, but together they have created a force to be reckoned with! Both have lived through a huge changing-of-the-guard with retail, and provide a balanced view of online and offline retail concepts. Sri and Peter have each worked for very large multinational brands, solution providers, and now startups. So the spectrum of topics is very broad. As a digital native, I am learning a lot about traditional retail from these two. One of my favorite topics that the CPG Guys has covered is an honest assessment of profitability in ecom: a perpetually thorny topic! I am also really impressed with the quality of guests they manage to get on the show. In full disclosure I was myself a guest on the show - so present company excluded! But they have interviewed heavy hitters from Walmart, Instacart, Sam’s club, J


I may be biased because I’m a recruiter, but I love to hear how your guests (and you two) have navigated their careers and influenced change in their organizations.

Learned a lot!

Great podcast Guys, keep it up!

Great conversations and content

Peter and Sri have some incredible experience and bring on some great guests.

Awesome listening!

Very current in assessing business trends and sharing e-commerce, digital sales, marketing & consumer product goods industry expertise. Great combined experience between Peter & Sri and their guests are industry icons! The episodes kept me engaged and listening closely! This podcast will be a super useful industry knowledge bank for brands big & small, old & new!

Subject matter experts

Great omnichannel discussions for anyone in CPG


Nothing as useful as great content! These guys are the real deal.


Fantastic content

Life changing

Excellent podcast. Next up for sure.

Great resource

I recommend this podcast to anyone working in the retail industry, particularly grocery retail. Great conversation with two great co-hosts.

Best podcast for CPG / eCommerce / Omnichannel

Couldn't recommend this podcast more highly for excellent insights from two omnichannel powerhouses!

Intense knowledge

With the world being online, I can appreciate the knowledge that comes from these experts and their own willingness to keep learning and adapting to the changing times. Highly recommend!

Learn from the best

When you have the opportunity to get insight into the omnichannel landscape from two of the brightest minds in the industry, you should take it, and that’s what this pod is giving you.

eCommerce Inside Baseball

Rank punditry about the industry insider perspective on omnichannel commerce. Deeeelicious!