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March 14, 2024

043. Cultivating Faith Through Gardening with Margaret Rose Realy

043. Cultivating Faith Through Gardening with Margaret Rose Realy

As the Texas wildflowers color the sides of our highways, it's time to tend not only to our gardens but also to the growth of our inner faith. Join us as our special guest, Margaret Rose Realy, explores the parallels between tending to your garden and enriching your spiritual life.

The author of "A Garden Catechism", Margaret helps us discover how to create meaningful spaces for prayer and contemplation through the language of plants.

SNIPPET FROM THE SHOW: "But I had realized that I could no longer do what God had called me to be. I was a gardener, and everything about me was about gardening, being in the dirt, pulling the weeds, feeling the soil in my hands, and I could no longer do that. [...] And I remember sitting in adoration, and I was just weeping, and like, Lord, you made me a gardener. Now what am I going to do? I'm not who you made me anymore. And just sobbing. And I heard so clearly in my heart the words, you will write." - Margaret Rose Realy

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