Feb. 22, 2024

040. Celebrating 15 Years!

040. Celebrating 15 Years!

What have we learned in the 15 years since we started on this incredible journey to share our faith journey with others through our writing? That your journey of faith isn't a straight line, there are peaks and valleys, twists and turns. But largely, it’s about walking with each other on your journey and supporting others on theirs. We spend a little time reflecting on the past 15 years writing (and now podcasting) together.

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SNIPPET FROM THE SHOW: "Our writing adventure, our new podcasting adventure, us working together. This is how Christ is using us to support one another in our faith journey. And hopefully that we are inspiring and supporting others who come into our community..." - Lisa

WE WANT TO KNOW: When was the last time you sat and reflected on your faith journey?


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