Dec. 28, 2023

032. Year End Reflections

032. Year End Reflections

It's been a year of laughter, learning, and introspection. We've shared our hearts openly, discussing deeply personal topics like our family's battle with dementia, and Alzheimer's and we've been inspired by our first-time guest speakers.

From laugh-out-loud moments during reverse charades to the profound impact of books like "The Dazzling Light of God", Lisa & Shelly's year has been a journey of joy, learning, and sharing.

So grab your favorite holiday beverage, and settle in with us. Let's reminisce, laugh, and look forward together. Remember the spiritual treasures—the lessons from our opening episode on God’s love to the wisdom in following Mary to Jesus—and let’s celebrate our differing viewpoints that only make us stronger. It's all coming up on this special End of Year episode of "Of Sound Mind and Spirit."

More Details: Visit the Year End Reflections post on our website for Reflection Questions, books discussed, and more.

We want to know: How would you answer our end of the year reflection questions?

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