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March 27, 2023

Shelf Edge In-Store Media That Converts with Vestcom's Shock Torem

Shelf Edge In-Store Media That Converts with Vestcom's Shock Torem
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys are joined by Shock Torem, SVP & GM of CPG & Retail Media Solutions at Vestcom (an Avery Dennison Company), the industry leader in shelf-edge media for Retailers and CPGs. Their data-integrated media solutions engage shoppers at their point of decision to enrich the shopping experience while driving profitable growth.

This episode is sponsored by Vestcom.

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Shock answers the following questions:

1) eMarketer recently reported that retail media has grown to over $30 billion in revenue during 2022 with no end to the growth in sight. While this boom has been largely concentrated on digital applications, why should brands consider allocating dollars to in-store media?
2) At NRF, you spoke about a disconnect in connecting brand marketing messages from click to brick and the need for brands to achieve “phygital” success. Would you elaborate on this argument?
3) So clearly brands should be paying attention to in-store media, what are some of the general principals they should look for in optimizing their spend here?
4) What solutions does Vestcom offer that meet these requirements?
5) How are you partnering with retailer media networks to enable brands to activate their message at the shelf-edge?
6) You mentioned measurability earlier, can you elaborate on the measurement brands can expect from shelfAdz campaigns?
7) We’d love a few examples of innovative ways that brands are leveraging your platform to engage physical store shoppers.
8) Is in-store media really a trade function that should be the purview of the account team supporting a specific retailer or is there a value proposition for a brand marketer to coordinate efforts across retail customers?
9) What do you see as major in-store media capabilities on the horizon and how is Vestcom positioned to drive the most impact for brands?
10) If you were going to leave our audience with one final thought on better leveraging in-store media, what would it be?

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Shock Torem

SVP & GM, CPG and Retail Media Solutions - Vestcom