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March 24, 2023

In-Store Retail Media Networks with Stratacache’s Chris Riegel & Jonathan Rosen

In-Store Retail Media Networks with Stratacache’s Chris Riegel & Jonathan Rosen
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys are joined by Chris Riegel CEO of STRATACACHE & Jonathan Rosen SVP, Content Strategy & Consumer Experience at PRN, a STRATACACHE company. The STRATACACHE family of companies, which includes PRN and SCALA, is accelerating the shift of digital retail transformation by having a full scope of technology under one roof. Their retail solutions allow them to be partners in creating an in-store evolution, fitting into a retailer’s existing ecosystem by connecting different technologies to truly drive a frictionless store visit, making a frictionless shopping experience even better.

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Chris & Jonathan answer these questions:

1) You journey’s been an unusual one to this world, in that your background is way more in content than retail.  Tell us about that and how you think that experience connects to the evolution of in-store media…is it more about content and stories than price and promotion?
2) There’s a ton of excitement about retail media and we discuss it a lot on this podcast.  It’s often said that Retail Media in the US is over a $60 billion industry and that Amazon is about $38 billion of that.  Why are you so excited about the in-store piece of the retail media ecosystem given how big and rapidly growing that piece is?
3) So this all sounds great?  But what are some the barriers involved in bringing this to life?
4) What are some of the ways brands and retailers can get started here – what are some of the attributes for retailers to build early successes and proofs of concept?
5) What are some of the best practices for brands and retailers thinking about the creative that can/should got into an in-store retail media execution?
6) Let’s talk a little about the measures of success here – how should we think about the ability to measure in-store media effectiveness, and why can this be such a win for the CFO as well as the medial sales team?
7) how can/should we be thinking about the future of programmatic personalization in-store?  What are some of the opportunities and challenges for this
8) let’s do the fast forward look – how do you envision the evolution of in-store as a  media platform over the next 3-5 years, how does programmatic fit in?

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Chris Riegel Profile Photo

Chris Riegel

CEO - Stratacache

Chris Riegel is the CEO and Founder of STRATACACHE, a global group of complementary technology companies that provide advanced digital signage, marketing technology and consumer insight solutions to the world’s leading firms. Based in Dayton, OH, Chris is an often-quoted speaker on technology and business, and a subject matter expert on topics ranging from the future of the customer experience to emerging artificial intelligence and next generation computing and digital display technology. Chris believes in a strong company ethos that attracts, motivates, and retains the best and brightest with a culture that is more than a 9 to 5, supporting multiple charitable causes.