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May 18, 2022

Consumer Omnichannel Insights & Engagement with Walmart's Seth Dallaire

Consumer Omnichannel Insights & Engagement with Walmart's Seth Dallaire
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Seth Dallaire, the Chief Revenue Officer at Walmart where he oversees Walmart Connect, Walmart Luminate & Walmart +.

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Seth answers these questions:

1) One of your responsibilities at Walmart is for a Group known as Walmart Data Ventures. which markets Walmart Luminate: a customer-centric suite of data analytics and insights. Would you please give us an overview of Walmart Luminate?
2) What was the inspiration for standing up Walmart Luminate in the first place? And what is the future vision for it? 
3) Does Walmart Luminate make visible to subscribing vendors all products in the category and are all vendors in a category able to subscribe to Walmart Luminate?
4) Another of your areas of responsibility is Walmart + which Walmart launched 18 months ago. Would you please provide our audience an overview of Walmart+ from a consumer perspective. What is the value proposition for subscription?
5) Would you share with us your Walmart+ strategy for the year ahead? Are there areas where your team is leaning in to continue providing value to customers who subscribe to it?
6) It is undeniable that, at the forefront of “the great retail reset” transforming our industry is the explosive growth of retail media, both on-site and offsite, both online and in the physical world. At its core, what is the value proposition that Walmart Connect offers to vendors looking to grow sales through Walmart platforms?
7) Some recent research shared by Walmart Connect talked about the use of Walmart’s mobile app in physical store visits highlights an important correlation between digital engagement and physical shopping. Would you please expand upon the details & findings of this research?
8) How are brands able to access use of Walmart Connect’s powerful retail media solutions onsite, offsite & in physical retail? Is it entirely through Walmart platforms or are they able to use 3rd party eCommerce advertising platforms for some offerings?

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Seth Dallaire Profile Photo

Seth Dallaire

EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Walmart

Seth Dallaire is Walmart’s executive vice president and chief revenue officer. He is responsible for accelerating the growth of Walmart’s new revenue-generating businesses which includes Walmart Connect (media), Walmart+ (membership), Walmart Data Ventures (data monetization) and business partnerships.

Seth joined Walmart in 2021 after serving as Instacart’s CRO, building the advertising business from the ground up and partnering with more than 2,500 brands. He has a long history leading sales organizations at rapidly growing technology companies. Prior to Instacart, Seth held leadership roles at Amazon, including vice president of global advertising sales, where he kick-started their retail media business. Before Amazon, Seth led sales teams for Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Seth received his Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College and Master of Business Administration from New York University. Seth resides in San Francisco, California, with his wife and son.