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July 16, 2022

Personified Digital Advertising with Ogury's Drew Childers

Personified Digital Advertising with Ogury's Drew Childers
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Drew Childers, Head of CPG Sales for Ogury, the Personified Advertising company, which has created a breakthrough advertising engine that delivers comprehensive audience interest, brand performance, privacy protection and sustainability within one technology stack, built and optimized for mobile. Advertisers working with Ogury benefit from fully visible impactful ads, future-proof targeting and unwavering protection. Publishers enjoy the rewards of a respectful user experience, incremental revenues and premium demand with Ogury's solutions. 

This episode is sponsored by Ogury.

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Drew answers these questions:

1) Let's go straight into the mission of Ogury - performance based pricing, guaranteed outcomes, seamless ad to cart integration - give us the scoop - what does Ogury do?
2) Cookieless advertising is here, what does that mean for brands? How do brands continue to drive success without this specific cookieless ad tracking? How are you navigating this?
3) Talk to us about the survey capabilities you have? What audience can be reached and how often can a brand leverage this? Give us campaign examples executed to date.
4) What is guaranteed performance? That's a big word in a big industry! How do you guarantee success?
5) Is consumer loyalty to a brand or retailer real these days in an inflation era. How are you helping brands and retail retain their most valuable customers?
6) The world of ecommerce has fast moved over 2 years to a lot of click and pick, home delivery. How is Ogury helping brands find the right audience at the right moment in this new shopper journey?
7) What habits has the pandemic changed from a shopper perspective, is browsing and researching all digital these days? How should innovation be launched?
8) Finally metrics - what do you provide to measure success? What’s short term, real time and how are programs with Ogury optimized for success?Give us examples of metrics that make sense and what’s outdated these days?

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