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May 27, 2023

Decision Optimization Through Predictive Analytics with Keen's Greg Dolan

Decision Optimization Through Predictive Analytics with Keen's Greg Dolan
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Greg Dolan, Co-founder & CEO of Keen Decision Systems, a high-growth SaaS company that helps FORTUNE 500 and other marketing leaders make data-driven decisions that drive/create lasting value. As the industry’s first and only decision optimization engine rooted in predictive analytics, Keen offers real-time marketing insights to help you learn from what you’ve spent, pivot based on your goals, and predict the best path to get there.

This episode is sponsored by Keen Decision Systems.

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Greg answers these questions:

1) Tell us a little bit about your journey and how you came to found Keen?
2) As you look at the marketplace, what are the biggest challenges you see clients trying to solve in the marketing world today?
3) What are some of the areas Keen helps clients overcome these challenges?
4) For the work you do in marketing mix explain why multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling are different, and which is better?
5) You’ve also done some interesting work in the shopper space – what challenges are you helping clients overcome there?
6) There’s an enormous amount of conversation in the world about AI, but you’ve been using AI and machine learning for years…what’s truly different now vs. just a continuation of what was possible before, and how are you harnessing AI best?
7) What are some things that make Keen different?
8) What are your predictions for the future of the marketing analytics world

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Greg Dolan Profile Photo

Greg Dolan

CEO & Co-Founder - Keen Decision Systems

Before Keen, Greg Dolan spent more than a decade as a brand marketing executive with companies like Kraft and Campbell’s. As a P&L owner, he was responsible for the impact of large marketing budgets but had little insight on performance from traditional marketing mix solutions.

He craved a solution that would allow him to understand how his marketing investments were driving business growth and shareholder value, and help inform ongoing decisions as new information became available.

So he co-founded Keen to create it. By making smarter use of data, Keen helps brand leaders guide decisions decisions about when and where to invest to maximize marketing’s impact on revenue, profitability, and long-term value creation.