Oct. 12, 2021

Episode 137: Ben Haran - Find Your Mentor

Episode 137: Ben Haran - Find Your Mentor

Ben Haran is one of the leading tennis coaches in Great Britain.

He is the Head Coach at Reeds Tennis Academy in Surrey, where for the past 17 years he´s guided dozens of young players to national and international level.

A former player himself, Ben left home at 10-year-old to join the Slater Squad, based at Reeds School. There, he grew up training with fellow Brits Tim Henman & Jamie Delgado.

Ben has recently worked with James Ward & Dan Evans and was mentored by legendary Australian coach Bob Brett.

Bob Brett & Ben Haran standing on a clay tennis court

Listen to Ben chat to CTC Host Dan Kiernan about:-

  • The importance of learning your trade in coaching.
  • How he found leaving home at 10 to join the Slater Squad.
  • Why Tim Henman was the most successful player from the squad?
  • How Bob Brett became his mentor (this is a great story!) and the impact he has had on his career.
  • Why he thinks it´s so beneficial for coaches to have a mentor.


Bob Brett Talking to Ben Haran at Reeds Tennis Academy

Watch Ben Haran & Bob Brett at Reeds Tennis Academy

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