Fab listen

#200 Loved it thank you, slightly biased but fab host & equally fantastic guest. Felt like you were both sitting on sofa next to me, always the best listens

Loved it!

The latest pods were a really a great listen. I love the honest and personal opinions that the contributors gave. Can’t understand why newspapers and tv don’t scrutinise the Djokovic schedule. People either accept he should get preferential treatment or are afraid to critique. As ever Thank you Dan ❤️

Amazing!!! 🎾🎾🎾

Thank you so much Dan for these brilliant podcasts, they are extremely inspiring! I love them!!! 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

Amazing!!! 🎾🎾🎾

Thank you so much Dan for these brilliant podcasts, they are extremely inspiring! I love them!!! 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

Loved it!

The latest Wimbledon pods were a really a great listen. I love the honest and personal opinions that the contributors give. Having some of the newbies before and after the event was a great mixup. I can’t wait to see our newbies journey in the year to come. As ever Thank you Dan ❤️

Simply the best

Whatever your involvement in tennis, this podcast is an absolute must. Dan’s gentle manner and masterful interviewing talent, means every episode is packed with fabulous insights, as he draws out the very best in all his amazing guests, without any ego or hidden agenda. This is the cream of tennis edu-tainment, I envy anyone coming to this for the first time because you’ve got so many amazing episodes to catch up on. Car journeys will never be boring again!

Brilliant podcast

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast as a big fan of the sport and follower of the professional game. Dan managed to get some really interesting guests from all areas of the tennis world & isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

Fantastic podcast!

I was recommend this podcast by another tennis parent and so very grateful they did. It’s inspiring, educational and supportive. I look forward to each episode as they all come filled with golden nuggets. A vital podcast for parents to help them navigate the tennis world.


‘The car journey takeaway’ - ep 151… so important.. every parent should listen.

Very insightful

As a tennis lover and parent, have enjoyed this podcast. All the guests and the topics addressed are right on the spots. Tennis is a lovely sport but easily get lost in. Holding a clear and appreciate approach to it is one of the ways to keep enjoying it and ride on the journey. Thanks very much.

Top Tennis podcast in my view

This is the best Tennis podcast imho which I discovered during Lockdown, and have replaced the Tennis Podcast with as it covers all aspects of tennis from players, coaches, commentators, US colleges, tournament administrators, psychology and (if I’m still allowed to say this) the mental toughness required to succeed in elite sport. Inciteful, enlightening and educational. 🎧 🎾

Wow! What a moving podcast.

Episode 39 with Joe Dixon was so moving that I had to listen to it twice. Many thoughts and words I have experienced and I thought I was alone. The Tennis Coach’s life is unique and very few ‘outsiders’ understand what it encompasses. Thank you Joe for opening up.

Oliver Waugh

A must listen for all practitioners within the world of tennis. Fascinating insights and a lot of takeaway points to implement within programs, players, teams

Great to listen to educational all round

Started listening to this in the 1st lockdown and just got back to it now. It is so useful for everyone to learn about not just tennis but how competitive sport can be. It is interesting to listen to all the different sides and approaches, from the players to everyone on the team. Great having Dan’s impartial approach, great addition, the post podcast talks too. Txs for starting and keeping this going!

Fascinating Conversations…

I was recently introduced to CTC and now I’m addicted.. picking out tennis favourites to hear their stories has become my favourite thing to do! Just listened to Mark Petchey, so understated for someone so knowledgeable, and it’s been great to hear from some of the doubles players like Des and Alexa, Joe and the Skupskis, and the legend that is Louis Cayer! Dan is a great host, engaging and with his own insightful take on this amazing sport… can’t wait to keep listening! Keep up the great work Dan and thank you!

Loving the listen

I think the Ali Filmer podcast might be my new favourite. So much to take from it. I’m lucky enough to have seen Ali at work and he delivers on all the areas he talks about. Great coach and team at Dukes.

Dr Loeher

Really fascinating another brilliant listen. So much take home. I’m going to think more like a boxer in whatever I do!!


Loving this podcast . Dan’s voice holds the attention and I love the honesty he gets back from his guests . Just love that the people on the podcast love tennis as much as me as not a lot of my friends or family know anything about it 🤣well done and much appreciated when walking the dog or gardening

Loved it!

This is my first ever review. The latest pod is just fabulous, I felt I was listening in to a group of people having a chat about their past experiences at Wimbledon. It was honest, authentic and engrossing. I love the variety Dan brings to every pod. Really a great listen. Thank You!


Such a good podcast. Really great mix of guests with interesting stories to tell. Dan does a great job guiding the conversation. These podcasts have been a great listen anytime I’m out walking!looking forward to many more!


Honestly I am genuinely upset when I finish an episode knowing I have to wait for more. Make my car journeys to London and back for work enjoyable and so many learnings taken away each time. Great host and love the genuine care and attention to each guest.

Relatable outside of the tennis world

I’m a tennis fan and a tennis parent but I take away so many learnings from these podcasts and apply them to my day job and overall mindset!

Great chats and insight

Top work Dan! Your podcasts have been such a big part of getting through the past year. It’s been a challenge for everyone and I think I can say for most people involved in the Tennis world your chats have helped keep us motivated and inspired through the year. You do so well to get more of an insight rather than a Q&A podcast and makes for great content. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing when you get Sir Andy on haha. Lots of great pods but I’d probably have to say Joe Dixon’s and Dan Evans are the top 2.


Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this podcast. As a tennis fanatic it is brilliant to have such a professionally done show with high quality guests being interviewed so well. Just listened to the Borna Coric interview and it is excellent. Brilliant questions and what a special guy Borna is. Now binging my way through all episodes! Thank you.

A must for anyone in tennis

Fantastic to listen to we have really enjoyed the episodes throughout lockdown thanks Dan and Jmac Scarfi’s

Absolutely brilliant for Tennis fans

The control the controllables podcast gives listeners such a great, informal insight into Tennis across all aspects of the pro game. The Nick Bollettieri interview has been my fav. to date. Keep up the fantastic insightful interviews.

Best tennis podcast out there

Love this podcast, brilliant blend of education snd entertainment and exposing areas of tennis we might not otherwise see. I like Dan’s style of bringing stories out from guests and also sharing his own experiences. Great job!

Fantastic Podcast

This podcast is loved by our tennis parents, players and coaches alike. There is something for everyone and is always thought provoking and often explores areas of the sport that aren’t covered regularly elsewhere. Couldn’t recommend highly enough- keep up the good work!

Great listening to a wide mix of people from the tennis world

I’ve really enjoyed listening to peoples different journeys through the tennis world . Great insights that the normal tennis fan may never hear without these podcasts . During another lockdown these podcasts help to keep motivation and to switch off for a while . Keep up the good work 👍

Excellent tennis podcast

Some tremendous insights into the world of tennis. This has been a throughly enjoyable listen during the lockdowns. Thanks Dan keep them coming. 🎾🎾