Fantastic podcast!

I was recommend this podcast by another tennis parent and so very grateful they did. It’s inspiring, educational and supportive. I look forward to each episode as they all come filled with golden nuggets. A vital podcast for parents to help them navigate the tennis world.


‘The car journey takeaway’ - ep 151… so important.. every parent should listen.

Very insightful

As a tennis lover and parent, have enjoyed this podcast. All the guests and the topics addressed are right on the spots. Tennis is a lovely sport but easily get lost in. Holding a clear and appreciate approach to it is one of the ways to keep enjoying it and ride on the journey. Thanks very much.

Top Tennis podcast in my view

This is the best Tennis podcast imho which I discovered during Lockdown, and have replaced the Tennis Podcast with as it covers all aspects of tennis from players, coaches, commentators, US colleges, tournament administrators, psychology and (if I’m still allowed to say this) the mental toughness required to succeed in elite sport. Inciteful, enlightening and educational. 🎧 🎾

Wow! What a moving podcast.

Episode 39 with Joe Dixon was so moving that I had to listen to it twice. Many thoughts and words I have experienced and I thought I was alone. The Tennis Coach’s life is unique and very few ‘outsiders’ understand what it encompasses. Thank you Joe for opening up.

Oliver Waugh

A must listen for all practitioners within the world of tennis. Fascinating insights and a lot of takeaway points to implement within programs, players, teams

Great to listen to educational all round

Started listening to this in the 1st lockdown and just got back to it now. It is so useful for everyone to learn about not just tennis but how competitive sport can be. It is interesting to listen to all the different sides and approaches, from the players to everyone on the team. Great having Dan’s impartial approach, great addition, the post podcast talks too. Txs for starting and keeping this going!

Fascinating Conversations…

I was recently introduced to CTC and now I’m addicted.. picking out tennis favourites to hear their stories has become my favourite thing to do! Just listened to Mark Petchey, so understated for someone so knowledgeable, and it’s been great to hear from some of the doubles players like Des and Alexa, Joe and the Skupskis, and the legend that is Louis Cayer! Dan is a great host, engaging and with his own insightful take on this amazing sport… can’t wait to keep listening! Keep up the great work Dan and thank you!

Loving the listen

I think the Ali Filmer podcast might be my new favourite. So much to take from it. I’m lucky enough to have seen Ali at work and he delivers on all the areas he talks about. Great coach and team at Dukes.

Dr Loeher

Really fascinating another brilliant listen. So much take home. I’m going to think more like a boxer in whatever I do!!


Loving this podcast . Dan’s voice holds the attention and I love the honesty he gets back from his guests . Just love that the people on the podcast love tennis as much as me as not a lot of my friends or family know anything about it 🤣well done and much appreciated when walking the dog or gardening

Loved it!

This is my first ever review. The latest pod is just fabulous, I felt I was listening in to a group of people having a chat about their past experiences at Wimbledon. It was honest, authentic and engrossing. I love the variety Dan brings to every pod. Really a great listen. Thank You!


Such a good podcast. Really great mix of guests with interesting stories to tell. Dan does a great job guiding the conversation. These podcasts have been a great listen anytime I’m out walking!looking forward to many more!


Honestly I am genuinely upset when I finish an episode knowing I have to wait for more. Make my car journeys to London and back for work enjoyable and so many learnings taken away each time. Great host and love the genuine care and attention to each guest.

Relatable outside of the tennis world

I’m a tennis fan and a tennis parent but I take away so many learnings from these podcasts and apply them to my day job and overall mindset!

Great chats and insight

Top work Dan! Your podcasts have been such a big part of getting through the past year. It’s been a challenge for everyone and I think I can say for most people involved in the Tennis world your chats have helped keep us motivated and inspired through the year. You do so well to get more of an insight rather than a Q&A podcast and makes for great content. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing when you get Sir Andy on haha. Lots of great pods but I’d probably have to say Joe Dixon’s and Dan Evans are the top 2.


Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this podcast. As a tennis fanatic it is brilliant to have such a professionally done show with high quality guests being interviewed so well. Just listened to the Borna Coric interview and it is excellent. Brilliant questions and what a special guy Borna is. Now binging my way through all episodes! Thank you.

A must for anyone in tennis

Fantastic to listen to we have really enjoyed the episodes throughout lockdown thanks Dan and Jmac Scarfi’s

Absolutely brilliant for Tennis fans

The control the controllables podcast gives listeners such a great, informal insight into Tennis across all aspects of the pro game. The Nick Bollettieri interview has been my fav. to date. Keep up the fantastic insightful interviews.

Best tennis podcast out there

Love this podcast, brilliant blend of education snd entertainment and exposing areas of tennis we might not otherwise see. I like Dan’s style of bringing stories out from guests and also sharing his own experiences. Great job!

Fantastic Podcast

This podcast is loved by our tennis parents, players and coaches alike. There is something for everyone and is always thought provoking and often explores areas of the sport that aren’t covered regularly elsewhere. Couldn’t recommend highly enough- keep up the good work!

Great listening to a wide mix of people from the tennis world

I’ve really enjoyed listening to peoples different journeys through the tennis world . Great insights that the normal tennis fan may never hear without these podcasts . During another lockdown these podcasts help to keep motivation and to switch off for a while . Keep up the good work 👍

Excellent tennis podcast

Some tremendous insights into the world of tennis. This has been a throughly enjoyable listen during the lockdowns. Thanks Dan keep them coming. 🎾🎾

Control the Controllables

Brilliantly insightful interviews. A must listen for parents and younger players. So much to take away but also just some really entertaining content! Had made lockdown walks so much more enjoyable!

A podcast growing into itself

This podcast gets better and better with every episode. Dan is a great interviewer, and more so than most, pushes the interviewees, makes the conversation personal and asks the questions that you want to ask yourself. The guests get better and better and the back catalogue is worth a listen. If you like the tennis podcast, you will like this!

V good


Episode 92 Justin- wow

So refreshing to hear from someone who doesn’t pander, says it as it is but has the best interest of players and the sport at heart. Really interesting guy and I am sure has many more stories to tell. Excellent interview technique as usual Dan

Wow! What a moving podcast.

Episode 39 with Joe Dixon was so moving that I had to listen to it twice. Many thoughts and words I have experienced and I thought I was alone. The Tennis Coach’s life is unique and very few ‘outsiders’ understand what it encompasses. Thank you Joe for opening up.

So Interesting

Listened to a few of these now, really good questioning, would love hear one from club coaches on how we get more kids in to playing tennis and retaining there interest.

Control the controllable review

This is a great podcast. So many knowledgeable guests that piece together thousands of years of tennis experience and the behaviours and traits that led to their success. Dan Kiernan does a fabulous job of unpacking the mindset of an elite performer in sports and life. Get your note pad ready because there are so many nuggets in here.

The podcasts everyone in tennis needs to listen to

There aren’t many car journeys I take without listening to Dan’s podcasts. As a coach, the values expressed on the shows align with mine and the insights into various peoples journeys and achievements is invaluable. I can’t recommend the podcasts enough and I regularly share episodes with the players and parents at our club. Keep up the great work 💪🏻🎾


So good to hear so many different voices, journeys and stories from our amazing sport. Brilliant knowledge for all to listen to, players, parents, coaches and lovers of the sport of tennis or in fact any sport.

Coach CL

Top Pod this, supremely executed, genuine, honest, great guests, frank conversations, so lucky to have something like this, if tennis is a big part of your life.


A fantastic listen for anyone involved in the sport of tennis. Dan is an amazing host and his catalogue of guests is bringing me back time and time again! 🎾

The Best Podcast for Slightly Crazy Tennis Parents

This podcast has the biggest breadth and depth of guests to help any tennis parent understand what they have got themselves into! The podcast has hopefully made me a slightly less crazy tennis parent as well as being extremely thought provoking and ultimately applicable not just to tennis but also to life.

Holistic tennis information

The control the Controllables podcast is an absolutely outstanding listen that gives information across many different areas of tennis. - Takes the listener inside the minds of players and their decision making on court in the biggest situation. - Gives insight on the players differing pathways to reach the top of the game - great diversity of guests. interviews players, private coaches, federation coaches, commentators, physical trainers, mental skills specialists, tennis parents, successful business people, child prodigies - Addresses issues and probes for solutions. - truly a global and holistic look at tennis. Hosts Dan and John are engaging, interesting, and do an excellent job of facilitating the best information from their guests. Not afraid to ask the tough questions!

Dave Sammel

Another cracking listen. The podcast series has got me through my endless walks in lockdown. The podcast really is a must for any tennis fan- fascinating. Highly recommended.


I’d give this series more stars if I could! A really fascinating insight into the world of tennis - transferable to everyday life too. Hosts Dan Kiernan, former British tennis No 1, and Irish Fed cup captain, John McGahon talk to players, coaches, parents, commentators, physios and more. Every episode leaves you wanting more. Accreditation points for coaches too! Subscribe now - you won’t be disappointed.

Amazing Podcast!

Love the content of the podcast and getting background on the players and life on the tour. Would love to see a current top ten player featured on the podcast???

Inspiring and informative

I started listening to CtC about ep30 and since then I’ve been alternating between the new episodes and catching up on the old ones. The podcast doesn’t just keep me entertained on my commute, it provides so much more. I’m a NE England club tennis player well past my low-level best, but I love playing and watching our sport and CtC oozes enthusiasm and energy. I’m also a tennis dad with 2 teenage national level kids with ambitions in the sport, maybe through the US College system. I’m also a secondary school leader with a keen interest in a growth mindset philosophy. The podcast undoubtedly ticks every box for me. I learn so much in every episode and the range from the Gym Shark boss to Judy M and US college coaches is what makes it so informative. It also inspires me to have the same level of drive and enthusiasm for my job. My kids listen with interest to and from lessons/tournaments and although we take it is small doses so not to shove it down their throats, the snippets of wisdom sink in. Thank you Dan for all you are doing.

Episode 14 with Hicksy

Just finished listening to episode 14. It brought back fond memories of being on his squad 19 years ago and a reminder of what an inspiration coach he was. His anecdotes took me right back and put a smile of my face . Thanks for putting this Podcast together. Keep it up.

Lovely stuff

As a (bad) tennis player and (hopefully better) tennis Dad, can’t recommend this enough. Learn something new about the game, and especially about player development, every single episode. Keep it up!

Entertaining and insightful

Keep it up lads, always a great listen

Superb podcast

I love to listen at tennis podcast and this one is of the tops in my list. Great passion, great guests and very well organized by Dan and John. Hard to pick my favorite. Please support the podcast.

Peter Gillespie

Great tennis podcast. Superb job Dan - keep going with the great guests and chat. You are a natural and I’m sure will lead to more media work. Only suggestion is can you improve the sound quality?


Just listened to the podcast, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work. Come on evo 👍✅🎾 Bazza.

World class

Every podcast worth listening to bringing a different insight into incredible peoples life journey and how tennis played a huge part in it. Can’t recommend more.

Highly recommended!

Control the Controllables is shaping up to be the best performance focused tennis podcast out there. In particular, CTC has a wealth of really strong advice for optimising your mindset for consistent, high-level performance. If you have a passion to grow and learn from elite level practitioners, this podcast is an excellent resource. Highly recommended!

Great Podcast

Love the podcasts. Dan and John have put together an excellent listen. You’re providing such valuable insights to the tennis community.

Ep 42- James McGee

Really enjoyed this podcast. During his professional career, James stayed with us about 4 years in a row while he played the Tiburon Challenger. He was and still is one of the most genuine and inspirational people our family has had the pleasure to spend time with. He will continue to do great things and we thank you for this opportunity to hear more about how he is following passion with the Inspiring Children Foundation. Look forward to tuning into future podcasts. Cheers!


As a huge tennis fan this podcast is absolutely brilliant. So informative and fascinating to hear deep insights into the different aspects of the game and the various levels/ areas within in it. Thank you


Love the show. Please keep this going. Makes my journeys!!!


Fantastic guys!


Wow just wow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌈🎾

Great stuff

Really good. Informative and enjoyable for coaches and players. Highly relevant, grounded and embedded in the realities of our sport. 👏👏👏

Thank you

Thanks for all your kind words and support in listening to the show. It’s been a privilege speaking to these amazing guests. Lots more to come 😊 . Dan

Control the Coronables

Great podcasts, some interesting discussions and great stories from the guests throughout.

Brilliant podcast made with the best of intentions

How people respond to a crisis tells you a lot about them. Dan and John have used their time to help bring the amazing stories and learnings from fantastic guests. The time & effort which has gone into this podcast is phenomenal in such hard times. Highly recommend you listen to every guest but Pail Jubb’s episode was a particular highlight


Really enjoying this series of podcasts, have kept me going through lockdown here. Dan and John have great range of guests with interesting & different backgrounds, just feels like I’m listening in on chat amongst friends. Great stuff guys.

Entertaining and insightful

Great tennis content that gets to the heart of what you really want to hear. Good mix of people and topics.

Episode 21

Excellent podcast with Ian! Keep up the good work.

Control the Coronables

Brilliant podcast series. An amazing range of guests to learn from and great questioning from Dan and John. Very thought provoking subjects and the honesty of both the guests and presenters leads to great entertainment 👍

Loving the listen

Podcasts are new to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed this one. I have listened to nearly all now and can’t wait for the next one. Well done Dan and John


Really enjoyable listen with a great variety of guests and topics, both Dan and John have done a great putting this together and are highly knowledgeable in there craft and come across in a relaxed and humorous manor. With some outstanding guests, hearing each person talk about there journey or story, there are always great insights to each podcast and something for everyone whether player, coach or parent to learn from and take there game or coaching to the next level.

Brilliant Tennis Podacst

Great insight to all levels of the game from great guests and knowledgable hosts!

Great Tennis Podcast

Fantastic podcast, great guests and really interesting discussions.