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March 5, 2022

Zero Party Data Capture at Scale with Jebbit's Tom Coburn

Zero Party Data Capture at Scale with Jebbit's Tom Coburn

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Tom Coburn, co-founder & CEO of Jebbit which enables anyone to build and design fun, engaging quizzes and digital experiences with speed and control, all while capturing customer-first, zero-party data at scale. From simple lead forms or surveys to more robust experiences like product matches and personality quizzes, Jebbit experiences drive 85% avg. completion rates and provide consumers with immediate value in exchange for relevant information about their motivations, interests and preferences.

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Tom answers these questions:

1) ’m familiar with 3rd party, 2nd party and 1st party data.  “What is zero party data?” There was a recent Twitter debate on whether zero party data is actually a thing or if this is all just really first party data.  What’s your take?
2) I guess the investment industry is validating your perspective as Jebbit recently announced a sizable round of funding.  What are your plans for the funding?
3) You work with a lot of CPG brands, can you share some of the most common ways CPG brands are getting value from Jebbit?
4) The stats shared are pretty incredible, why do consumers engage with these experiences at such high rates?
5) Jebbit’s growth comes at the time the industry is grappling with the impact of serious data privacy changes, Facebook reporting that Apple’s changes will cost them $10 Billion this year.  6) How is Jebbit helping CPG brands with the impending “cookieless world”?
CPG brands for ages have been at the mercy of the retailers and third party sources when it comes to data strategy, the shift to DTC and ecommerce is empowering them to now be in control.  How should they be thinking about their data strategy today based on the successes you’ve seen?
7) So brands should be thinking about this strategy along every point of the path to purchase, even offline?  Can this form of data really scale?
8) Tom, your origin story is pretty incredible from college drop out to CEO of a marketing technology company that doubled revenue last year.  Please share how you got here?
9) Lastly, any advice or predictions you want to share?  What is the best way to get started?

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