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Oct. 29, 2022

Member Access Platform with Sam's Club's Austin Leonard & Pacvue's Melissa Burdick

Member Access Platform with Sam's Club's Austin Leonard & Pacvue's Melissa Burdick

A deep dive into the Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP) retail media solution with Sam’s Club’s Austin Leonard and Pacvue’s Melissa Burdick

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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Austin Leonard, Head of Sales at Sam's Club MAP (Member Access Platform) & Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue, the enterprise platform for eCommerce advertising, sales, and intelligence.

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Austin & Melissa answer these questions:

1) Melissa, what makes retail media the fastest growing advertising channel and what are some of the core challenges that brands are facing in activating retail media effectively?
2) Austin, what is the underlying data asset that powers the Sam's Club Member Access Platform? Would you dimensionalize the shopper base and omnichannel sales volume?
3) Austin, What on-site & off-site investment options are available to brands seeking to grow through Sam’s Club? What in-club retail media solutions are Sam’s Club making available to brands?
4) Melissa, What are the details behind the partnership between Sam’s Club and Pacvue, and why do you think this helps brands work with Sam’s Club?
5) Austin, What performance measurement solutions do you offer to brands investing in the Member Access Platform’s retail media solutions?
6) Melissa, How do the Sam’s Club & Pacvue teams support brands seeking to leverage your platform offerings and where are you looking to enhance your offerings in the near future?
7) Austin, what is the best way for brands intrigued by the capabilities within MAP to get engaged with Sam’s Club?
8) Melissa, what is the core value proposition that Pacvue brings to brands seeking to execute retail media campaigns with Sam’s Club and other retailers with which Pacvue has integrated?

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Melissa Burdick Profile Photo

Melissa Burdick

President at Pacvue

Innovative Business Strategist and eCommerce Thought Leader
•16+ years ecommerce experience
•Currently help brands develop ecommerce strategies and win online
•Helped launch the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) retail business on Built a business from the ground up, evolving strategy to sell profitably online.
•Joined Amazon Media Group at inception. Launched the first vendor display ad. Created eCommerce ads, custom marketing programs for brands, and sponsorships that monetized Amazon’s programs such as Family, Student, Prime, Studios, and Fresh.

Skills: Retail, eCommerce, Designing for the Online Shelf, P&L Ownership, Buying, Vendor Negotiation and Management, Go-To Market Strategies, Digital Marketing, Display Advertising, Product Management, Working Cross-functionally

Austin Leonard Profile Photo

Austin Leonard

Head of Sales - Sam’s Club Member Access Platform

As the Head of Sales for Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP), Austin leads the partnership and sales team that supports advertisers, agencies, and ad tech partners. The Sam’s Club MAP Sales team is focused on building ad experiences that are additive to the member’s experience, while simultaneously accelerating growth for our partners. We do this by working closely with Sam’s Club Merchants, Marketing, and Operations to create meaningful business outcomes. Our goal is to be the partnership that adds the most value to our partners’ businesses.

With more than 20 years of advertising experience, Austin has an extensive background in traditional, digital, and retail media. After starting in radio in Atlanta, Austin made the jump to digital in 2008 with eBay. In his time there, Austin led several teams for eBay Enterprise and helped bring eBay’s first-party audience targeting programmatic platform to market. Most recently, Austin held sales leadership positions at Walmart Connect where he helped grow the media business to $1B+ for Walmart.

Austin is a proud graduate of the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business (Go Gators!), and he earned his MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University in Atlanta.