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May 4, 2023

Cocktail Renaissance with Q Mixers' Bob Arnold

Cocktail Renaissance with Q Mixers' Bob Arnold
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The CPG Guys are joined by Bob Arnold, CEO of Q Mixers, which makes the world’s best carbonated mixers that are proudly served by discerning bars and restaurants across America, as well as sold in grocery and liquor stores nationwide.

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Bob answers the following questions:

1) Bob, your career has some elite brands in your background but you are clearly the ‘beverages guy’.Take us through the years at InBev, Coca-Cola and now as CEO of Q Mixers. What advice would you give to someone early in their career in this space seeking to follow in your footsteps in beverages?
2) With eCommerce prevalent everywhere and volume moving to omnichannel, how have you led the last 3 years to digitize your portfolio and make it available online for consumers to discover & purchase?
3) Peter and I strongly believe that the path to true scale is being available on the store shelf. How do you focus on category management and therefore ensuing distribution?
4) Take us through the portfolio and I noticed you have cocktail recipes? How do these come together and how does that play out at retail?
5) I have been waiting to ask you about the ‘highball’ - what is this? What other tricks and trips would you share with our audience? How does this help sell the product?
6) Innovation - last 3 years, we haven’t really seen much in the CPG world given supply chain issues. What’s your take on the importance of it? How are you innovation and is there a pipeline?
7) Let’s go to talent. No brand can be successful without the right brand stewards? What makes a good marketer - what is their DNA? How do they connect with retail?
8) The last question on the CPG Guys is always ‘fast forward’ - what's next for you and Q Mixers? Where is the growth: innovation, distribution, both?

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