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Feb. 11, 2021

Outcome-Based Health with Upgraid's Justin Kamine

Outcome-Based Health with Upgraid's Justin Kamine

The CPG Guys Sri & PVSB are joined in this episode by Justin Kamine, founder & CEO of Upgraid, an outcome-based health natural supplements brand.

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Questions that Justin addresses:

  1. Take us through the journey of Upgraid - how did this happen, how did you find a team? What’s the motivation behind Upgraid?
  2. Selfcare - that’s today’s norm? Why has selfcare been such a nascent outcome in the US? Why are we so focused on intervention based healthcare?
  3. How does a millennial who has spent his growth in agri startups become a CPG expert?
  4. What’s the DNA of a startup? What ticks, what results in growth? Are there hacks?
  5. Take us through your efficacies/products and how you improve your innovation platform and deliver value to your customers?
  6. How are you hacking healthcare? How do you network and learn in this space? 
  7. DTC vs Amazon? Why does one need DTC when there’s Amazon? How are you doing on Amazon? Has it been hard?
  8. What is your advice for entrepreneurs? Is the dream a dream or reality? How does a founder chase a passion and where do you look for help along the journey?

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