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Feb. 2, 2022

Marketing to Foodie "Localvores" with Here Here Market's Disha Gulati

Marketing to Foodie

The CPG Guys, PVSB are joined in this episode by Disha Gulati, Founder & CEO of Here Here Market, a hyper-local hospitality marketplace helping create memorable food and beverage experiences and curated e-commerce solutions. Its mission is to democratize industry access and opportunity by connecting local talent directly with consumers.

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Disha answers these questions:

1) Deloitte, University of Chicago, Mondelez analytics, 1871 to founder - how does this happen? What’s the story?
2) How was here here founded? Who is your team and what are you focused on developing and delivering?
3) Who can sell on the marketplace and how do they join? What support can they expect from you?
4) Talk to us about building and retaining audiences - and what ‘localvore’ means?
5) How do you and the team go about finding products for the marketplace? Are you constantly out and about scouting for the right set of products? How do you then select what belongs vs not?
6) Moving from Fortune 500 to startup is not easy. Give us the trials and tribulations of the journey? What do we not know about how hard this is? What’s your advice for others who want to take this path?
7) For a market to succeed, advertising, branding and creativity is a must. Tell us about your role in a creator community and collaboration that delivers for your shoppers?
8) As we ask all founders on this show - what’s next and how does the market scale from local to national?

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