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April 12, 2023

The Rise of In-store Retail Media with Insider Intelligence's Andrew Lipsman

The Rise of In-store Retail Media with Insider Intelligence's Andrew Lipsman
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys are joined by Andrew Lipsman, Principal Analyst for Retail & eCommerce at Inside Intelligence, the leading research, data and insights provider that helps companies maximize revenue, optimize spend, and anticipate digital disruption today and in the years ahead.

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Andrew answers the following questions:

1) Retail Media is an rapidly expanding channel. In-store media is the least developed segment within this channel. What prompted you to publish this report? Is in-store media starting to emerge as a viable option for brands and retailers?
2) What are the primary sources of the research comprising this report? How do you go about determining the research you will need to produce meaningful insights?
3) What is the opportunity that your report has identified for retail media in physical stores to deliver mass reach?
4) What are the key findings of your report related to the digitization of the store to deliver high-quality, meaningful branding?
5) Please dimensionalize the audience size of in-store audiences at major retailers compared to their digital audiences?
6) What did your research tell you about what catches the attention of in-store shoppers, making them want to learn more about the products?
7) What does in-store media offer to brands seeking reach beyond Amazon?
8) What’s coming in the “third wave” of retail media that you think our audience should pay attention to?

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Andrew Lipsman

Insider Intelligence - Principal Analyst, Retail & eCommerce

Andrew Lipsman, Principal Analyst, Insider Intelligence. Lipsman covers retail and ecommerce, following trends such as holiday shopping, retail media, grocery ecommerce, social commerce, D2C brands and leading players like Amazon and Walmart.