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Oct. 23, 2021

Influencing Likely Buyers at Scale with Cardlytics' Ross McNab

Influencing Likely Buyers at Scale with Cardlytics' Ross McNab
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys, Sri & guest host Melisssa Burdick from Pacvue are joined in this episode by Ross McNab, President for North America Advertising at Cardlytics which partners with financial institutions to understand where and when consumers are spending their money. They use these insights to help marketers identify, reach, and influence likely buyers at scale.

This is the first of a two part partnership episode series with Cardlytics.

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Ross answers these questions:

1) Why don’t you start with sharing a bit more about your journey through programmatic advertising and what lessons you’ve drawn from that to guide how you approach advertising at Cardlytics.

2)Reputation/Perceived Value in advertising is as important as ever, yes? In your opinion, how has this subsequently impacted the way in which senior leaders think about the role/value of marketing/advertising plays in the broader business strategy, and how has that changed?

3)Let’s dig into Cardlytics. What differentiates you? What is Cardlytics edge? Why should a brand work with you vs others?

4)What is Cardlytics philosophy for scale : Is it Data or Data Science ? This is a cardinal question within any CPG organization, how do you help drive scale and adoption? 

5)Talk to us about the cardlytics ad platform. What tools & solutions does it offer?

6)  eCommerce and digital selling is another area that has now become permanent. How do you think this positions with the traditional way of revenue measurement across CPG manufacturers? What are your thoughts around this space - what do you offer? 

7)(Sri) What makes your campaign measurement suite different from others? Digital campaigns by default are easier to measure, but what about in-store

8) (Melissa) What’s next for Cardlytics? What does the product pipeline look like?

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