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March 5, 2021

Enabling Brand DTC Part 1 with Shoppable's Holly Boni

Enabling Brand DTC Part 1 with Shoppable's Holly Boni
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The CPG Guys

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in the first of a 3 part episode arc on enabling DTC with Holly Boni, the Director of Sales & Partnerships at Shoppable, a distributed commerce technology company with a suite of e-commerce products surrounding Shoppable's patented, universal checkout API. Shoppable's solutions enable advertisers, retailers, and publishers to create shoppable sites, content, ads, videos, mobile apps, recipes and other innovative commerce. The CPG Guys have partnered with Shoppable to report on this solution that provides brands all of the benefits of a 1P customer relationship without being the merchant of record.

In this episode, Holly answers the following questions:

  1. DTC - it’s one of those channels, experiences and opportunities that is either a backbone for a brand, or avoided - why is this the case?
  2. What is the distinct advantage of being in DTC? Why would a brand scaled at retail distribution points want to also be in DTC?
  3. How does Shoppable provide a bridge to DTC? Is it a bridge to DTC?
  4. Tell us about the end to end client experience of working with Shoppable. Once a brand decides to work with Shoppable what happens next? How long does it take to fully implement? What are the major distribution endpoints I should expect to leverage through your platform?
  5. Is there any cost or order of magnitude savings using Shoppable vs getting into a full implementation of DTC? 
  6. What eCommerce platforms does Shoppable support? What is the shopify integration? How is that done? When would you advise shopify vs a larger scaled ERP type implementation vs sending to omnichannel or pureplay retail?
  7. Tell us about all the different aspects of DTC that Shoppable supports - UX, payments, privacy, advertising, fulfillment - let’s cover end to end
  8. Why did you choose to be part of this journey? What is your compelling proposition of why Shoppable for brands? What message would you like to leave with our audience?

To learn more about Shoppable, visit
Shoppable YouTube channel.

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