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Nov. 6, 2023

New Community Partner - The Growth Pod

Sophie Thomas is the late diagnosed AuDHD founder of The Growth Pod. She lives in Dubai, with her husband, three children and 17 rescue animals. She’s an ex corporate strategist, who spent 20 years helping companies across the Middle East, …

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Aug. 21, 2023

Welcome to our first Community Partner

Welcome to our first Community Partner ‘A Tidy Mind’. Founded by Kate Ibbotson, a Neurodivergent Focused Therapeutic Coach and Professional Organiser.  Kate is the owner of A Tidy Mind, an organising and decluttering servic…

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May 17, 2023

Want to be a part of Season 3?

Would you like to share your story with Catherine and the Late Discovered Community? Are you making change in the world around autism? Are you paving the way for the next generation of autistic women and marginalised genders? The Late Discovered …

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March 8, 2023

Embracing Equity?

One of the key themes in the stories so far in season one is mental health, and how that has pushed so many of us into the darkest of places. It was indeed a feature in my own story, as a young adult, when an autistic meltdown pushed me to the poi…

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Feb. 17, 2023

You Are Only Just Beginning

In Episode 8 Catherine Asta talks with acclaimed artist, poet, and Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly best selling author, Morgan Harper Nichols about how her own late autism discovery led her to writing her new book 'You Are Only Just Beginn…

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