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Aug. 21, 2023

Welcome to our first Community Partner

Welcome to our first Community Partner

Welcome to our first Community Partner ‘A Tidy Mind’.

Founded by Kate Ibbotson, a Neurodivergent Focused Therapeutic Coach and Professional Organiser. 

Kate Ibbotson

Kate is the owner of A Tidy Mind, an organising and decluttering service, for people overwhelmed with their homes or workspaces.

Since 2015, A Tidy Mind has grown to a team of 23 organisers working throughout the UK, supporting clients practically and emotionally and coaching them to make lasting changes to their environments.

Everyone's version of a joyful space is different - but A Tidy Mind believes everyone deserves their space to bring them joy and contentment. Kate's interest in neurodivergence initially grew through being a professional organiser, in particular learning from the stories of A Tidy Mind's inspirational ADHD and Autistic clients.

She founded her coaching and psychotherapy practice, A Therapy Mind, in 2022 and works online with neurodivergent clients, having developed a further specialism in the combined neurotype of Autism and ADHD.

Being AuDHD herself, Kate is passionate about the client not being the only neurodivergent person in the therapy room.

Why A Tidy Mind is supporting us as a Community Partner

"The Late Discovered Club aligns with one of our key values of 'strength in community' - the podcast, social media posts and 'circles' show the huge value of the neurodivergent community coming together to support, learn and share information."

Want to help us make a difference? 

We’re looking for businesses, organizations and companies who want to support and champion the important work that we do.

By supporting us, you really are giving us the opportunity to share stories that need to be heard, to deconstruct stereotypes and help us to give the next generation visibility. 

Our collective stories have the power to bring about change.

But without community support, our podcast and the work that we do isn’t sustainable in the long term. We are AD free, without any funding or investment and rely solely on the support of our community members, champions and partners. 

It costs £42 per month to become a community partner. In return we will:

  • Name you as a community partner on our website & in our podcast episode descriptions.
  • Mention you as a community partner in our podcast episodes.
  • Offer you opportunities to sponsor an episode.
  • Give you a shout out on our social feeds. 

Here’s where we are at…

  • 1000+ listeners every week
  • 2000 + podcast subscribers (Apple and Spotify)
  • Ranked in the Top 30 Apple Podcasts in 10 countries
  • Listeners in over 90 countries worldwide
  • 87% female 85% aged 28-59
  • 28 episodes published
  • Currently planning & scheduling S3

How do I sign up as a Community Partner?

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