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The Asta Community

Why The Asta Community?

I’ve done the hard work for you, and curated a hand picked community of professionals who can offer the additional help and support that I know our community needs (because you ask me for this help), and provide the extra capacity and specialisms that I don’t have (because I’m just one person!)

Asta is the middle name I gifted to myself in my 30’s as I began on this journey to honour my strength, my danish heritage and my love of all things scandi.

It means ‘divine strength’ 

How the Asta Community Works

The professionals in the Asta Community have been hand picked, and interviewed to ensure that their values speak my values, and have undergone a screening process – providing documentation including their professional qualifications, insurance, and membership of relevant professional bodies (where applicable).

This means that you know that the professionals in our community are qualified, accredited and fully insured.


All of our community professionals are independent, self-employed and/or operating as a business and therefore your relationship is directly with the professional. The Asta Community is not responsible for the services provided by professionals in our community, or for resolving any disputes or concerns that may arise with the services provided.

We act solely as an intermediary connecting you to our professionals, and from that point on all communication and work is soley and directly with the professional you are exploring working with.

Each professional will have their own fee structure and ways of working.

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