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Brilliant. Catherine has a such an easy speaking voice and I like the structure of the Podcasts. Not to mention the roster of inspirational and brave guests.

Hugely recommend

This podcast is helping me so much through my own discovery process, it's so helpful to hear real stories of women and be able to relate my experiences somewhere. Thank you!!!

Just what I needed to hear today

Another insightful and affirming episode. Thank you!

So validating!

I am a few days into making sense of my diagnosis as an autistic woman aged 40. I have been bingeing the podcast and feel so seen. Thank you for making this amazing resource. I feel part of a community at a time that it would be very easy to feel isolated.

Championing Self Confidence

This podcast is amazingly validating, informative, compassionate, and entertaining. Catherine is a fantastic host and she brings forward a diverse range of voices to present autistic perspectives that are so often dismissed. This podcast has been very valuable in inspiring my own self reflection processes and in learning how to advocate for myself and others. I also love the music!!


You are going to be a facilitator for autism training in the NHS. Hooray! This is desperately needed. Particularly the Eating Disorder services, but also late diagnosed females who have been misdiagnosed and overmedicated for years. Mammoth task, but every connection made is progress. Good luck and look after yourself in the process. Keep getting the message out which empowers others to speak up too. Thank you!

Just like me!

I really relate, Laura. I work in SEN support and only recently when seeking an assessment for my daughter, a trusted friend said ‘you’re autistic you know’. At 52 now hoping for a chance to live authentically outside work as well as at work!

This speaks to me

So true, shame has held me back. Sense of brokenness and inadequacy and low self-esteem has caused me to leave/ lose senior job roles. Now work for myself and need to work on myself - that is on who I am and that I am deserving to ask for what I need, and to be happy. Thank you.

Must listen

Really well articulated podcast episode regarding the right to workplace adjustments.

Life affirming.

I think life changing and affirming are accurate descriptions of this podcast. The lack of female voices when I first discovered I was autistic was very isolating and led to continued self doubt. Hearing so many female voices with very similar experiences and challenges has changed all that. I’m really grateful to Catherine for creating this amazing community and shining a light on my own late discovered story.

An interesting listen…not just for ND people!

I found this podcast recently- I find it a really good format and Catherine’s interview style is gentle yet probing. The variety of guests from different places, professional backgrounds etc has given me something to think about after every episode.

A brilliant podcast.

As someone who has grown up always feeling different, even after being diagnosed as an adult (after years of misdiagnosis) I’ve still felt like the odd one out, in my own little ‘odd bubble’, this series has made me realise that not the only one and I’ve never related so much to both Catherine and her guests. Highly recommend

Impactful & important ❤️

I’m so happy to have discovered this podcast! As a late diagnosed autistic woman listening to this podcast has proved invaluable on my journey to self understanding. Recommending to family and friends!

A must listen!

As a late discovered autistic person myself, I found this so touching. Relatable, comforting and inspiring! Every story matters and every action can make a difference. Thanks Catherine xx

Representation matters!

I love listening to this podcast. Catharine has a very soothing voice, easy to listen to. So far I have loved the guests and especially also want to say thanks for also having woman of colour on! I am late discovered (37) and a woman of colour. Representation matters so much. Glad to see different women on the spectrum

Such a powerful and life affirming podcast that helps late discovered women feel seen.

Each episode is powerful and resonates in some way. Each episode helps me feel more comfortable and at peace in my own skin. Thank you for these wonderful conversations that help women feel seen, heard and valued.

A masterclass is vulnerability

If the first two episodes are anything to go by the rest of this podcast series is going to be incredible listening. I related to so much of what was shared in the first episode, way more than anticipated actually and whilst it seems too easy and trite to say I felt seen it’s the only suitable response. Bravo Catherine for your bravery and desire to help make life better for so many of us who are understood.